Changsha Ningxiang crackdown on illegal occupation of forest land, deforestation, soil detention-cibi

Changsha Ningxiang to combat illegal occupation of forest land from deforestation behavior jingfangxingju original title: Ningxiang to crack down on illegal occupation of forest land soil jingfangxingju deforestation behavior Changsha evening news in order to effectively curb illegal forest related crime situation, Ningxiang County Forest Public Security Department since September organized to crack down on the illegal occupation of forest land and other forest related crimes special action. As of now, Ningxiang has dispatched forest police 100 passengers, investigated 3 cases of illegal forest clearing, Forestland Project 3, clean wood, wild animal illegal trading places 3, clean wood, wild animal processing establishments 20. The focus of regulation including mining and quarrying, dredging deforestation and other illegal occupation of forest land (wetland); management of construction, project construction in the illegal occupation of forest land and "not preempted, side edge batch, accounting for small batch of much behavior; illegal logging and forest deforestation behavior; using the Internet, pet shop, black the illegal acquisition, sale of rare and endangered wild animals and animal products; illegal hunting of migratory birds and other wild animal behavior; criminal acts of destruction of forests and other large effects on wildlife resources. Recently, the Ningxiang County Forest Public Security Bureau received the alarm: dam town (formerly South Ping Township), the smoke of the mountain forest in the mountain forest, dig the ceramic soil, deforestation large amount. Ningxiang County Forest Public Security Bureau sent police rushed to the scene, after investigation and visit, found by Lee as the legal representative of the mineral company through the use of excavators and other engineering equipment damage forest surface vegetation and surface rock layer, ceramic soil contained within the mountain mining to sales profit. After identification, the mineral company occupied 100.9 mu of forest land, Lee was detained by Ningxiang Forest Public Security Bureau under criminal detention. (Changsha evening news reporter Xie Xie Intern Chen Yunzhe)

长沙宁乡打击非法占用林地行为 毁林取土被刑拘原标题:宁乡严厉打击非法占用林地行为 毁林取土被刑拘长沙晚报讯 为有效遏制涉林违法犯罪态势,宁乡县森林公安部门自9月起组织开展严厉打击非法占用林地等涉林违法犯罪专项行动。截至目前,宁乡共出动森林公安民警100人次,查处林政案件3起,清理非法征占用林地项目3个,清理木材、野生动物非法交易场所3处,清理木材、野生动物加工经营场所20处。此次整治重点包括开矿采石挖沙、毁林开垦等非法占用林地(湿地)行为;各种经营性工程建设、项目施工中非法占用林地以及“未批先占、边批边占、少批多占”行为;盗伐、乱砍滥伐林木行为;利用互联网、宠物店、黑市等非法收购、出售珍贵濒危野生动物及其制品行为;非法猎捕候鸟等野生动物行为;其他影响较大的破坏森林及野生动植物资源的违法犯罪行为。近日,宁乡县森林公安局接到报警:坝塘镇(原南田坪乡)横田村烟山里山林内有人毁坏山林挖取陶瓷土,毁林数量大。宁乡县森林公安局派民警赶赴现场,经过调查取证及走访了解,发现以李某为法定代表人的矿业公司通过使用挖机等工程设备破坏山林表层植被及地表岩石层,开采山体内所蕴含的陶瓷土向外销售牟利。经鉴定,该矿业公司占用林地面积100.9亩,李某被宁乡县森林公安局刑事拘留。(长沙晚报 记者 谢春年 实习生 陈韵哲)相关的主题文章:

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