Changsha will be implemented in primary and secondary school teachers to register a pilot to break

Changsha will be implemented in primary and secondary school teachers to register the pilot to break the original title of the tenure system: breaking the tenure of teachers! Changsha will implement the first registration pilot Changsha net news October 7th October 6th primary and secondary school teachers, Changsha Municipal Education Bureau issued the "notice Changsha teachers qualification regular registration pilot reform plan", Changsha this year will be the implementation of the first registration pilot work of primary and secondary school teachers, teacher qualifications tenure break. The object of qualified teachers regularly registered for public schools (including special education schools and reformatory schools), medium occupation schools and kindergartens in the on-the-job teachers and teachers with qualified management personnel; held in accordance with law employed in private schools, medium occupation schools and kindergartens, and employment for more than one year the teachers and teachers with qualified management personnel; the government held directly for the school services, and the implementation of the teachers’ qualification of teaching and teacher training school educational institutions of teachers and administrators. These schools and institutions are referred to as primary and secondary schools All teachers who are registered on a regular basis should apply for the first time. For the first time as a teacher and probation probation, examination qualified, should apply for the first registration. Teacher qualification for 5 years a cycle of regular registration. For the first time because of a lack of credits and suspend the registration of registered teachers in the suspension period (suspended for a period of 2 years), and take credit this year compulsory credits reach the required to apply for registration, allowed again. Primary and secondary school teachers in Hunan registered a regular job every year, the implementation of a unified registration procedures and working hours, the second half of each year from September to December. First employed as teachers, probation after passing the examination for the first time in the year shall apply for registration; probation period qualified in the year after work time regular registration start time, should apply for registration in the next year. After the first registration, apply for a regular registration every 5 years. The teacher shall apply for the registration of the next teacher qualification within 60 days prior to the expiration of the period of validity. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Shen Hao) video recommendation: teacher tenure is the key to the evaluation by who相关的主题文章:

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