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Chengdu 60 thousand couples provident fund provident fund center to check the inexplicable extraction details – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Chengdu on September 20th news (reporter Yang Boyu F Bbu Ciugene) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the recent media reports, the people of Chengdu in June this year, Mr. Yu found himself and his wife, two people a total of more than 60 thousand yuan in the provident fund. They do not know the situation, in 2012 was to name the two suite "to repay the loan principal and interest" extraction. And the more so that they can not understand is that these two houses, one set of numbers is empty; another is Mr. Yu mother-in-law 10 years ago to a set of public rental. They don’t exist provident fund loans. Since then, although Mr. repeatedly found the central provident fund management center query the original data, but were rejected by the other side. It is understood that the local police have been involved in the investigation. Mr. Yu recalled, he and his wife in 2008 when buyers have handled a provident fund, after that although unit issued fund joint card, but has no more about their provident fund account. Until June of this year, Mr. tour’s wife accidentally think about the balance of the fund, only to find the money inside the inexplicable less than 60 thousand yuan. Mr. Yu said, two accounts of money first is being transferred to the same account, then it is within a few days by bank teller machine multiple extraction, so he has to go to the bank to query the surveillance video, but the bank said the incident more than 3 years, when the data has been covered. According to the provident fund management center printed "employees provident fund withdrawal details show that their husband and wife two people on account of money, is to give the name" extraction of two suites to repay the loan principal and interest ". The wife was from the provident fund for the repayment of Chengdu city Jinjiang District Street hot pepper city a set of housing loans, but this does not involve loans suites. Mr. Chen said: I love the house, but the house is the demolition resettlement housing, was not my lover’s name, her mother’s name. In 2003, her mother gave her house, it is impossible to generate bank mortgage. "Involved for the extraction of provident fund his own account of the Chengdu city is located in the northwest of Jinniu District Bridge No. 6 North Street, room 5-1-2, Mr. Yu is puzzled some. Provident fund management center is given the reason for the withdrawal of a real estate bank owing on the loan, my wife also has a real estate bank owing on the loan. Before 2008, I used to live in the neighborhood, my dad lived in the welfare housing units, the house with my original house number does not match, and that the so-called house number does not exist, we had to ask." Mr. Yu believes that according to the relevant provisions of the Chengdu municipal housing fund management center, extraction of housing provident fund to repay the principal and interest of loans from the housing, in addition to submit purchase contracts, loan contracts and other documents, also require you to show ID card, and entrust others to handle also has strict requirements. Therefore, Mr. Yu questioned the provident fund management center audit, in these conditions are not met, and their knowledge of the case, the provident fund can be extracted. Mr. you said:.相关的主题文章:

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