Chengdu is gradually back to municipal government responded that bicycle support sharing economy (

Chengdu is gradually back to municipal government responded that bicycle support sharing economy (Figure) Chengdu City Huayang towed hundreds of vehicles sharing relevant departments of municipal government responsible for the support of bike sharing economy to guide the healthy development of November 24th, Chengdu Tianfu new City Huayang Street office management office on the area of more than 100 vehicles were cleared (the bike sharing reported yesterday). Yesterday, the Chengdu municipal government departments in charge of public concern on the sharing of bicycles in the development of Rong, interviewed by reporters. For "shared bicycle" this way of travel, the Chengdu municipal government how to treat? The official said, Chengdu as the country’s first ecological civilization demonstration area, is currently vigorously promoting green development. Six plenary session of the twelve session of the municipal Party committee to "adhere to green development, and strive to build a beautiful China model city" as the "13th Five-Year" period of the main objectives of economic and social development of our city. The municipal government is very pleased to see the public bicycle travel according to their actual choice, which is to ease urban traffic congestion, promote green development is of great significance. Chengdu will create favorable conditions for the public to choose more green way of travel. The responsible person said, Chengdu has always been a tolerant City, we will actively focus on new things, and guide its healthy development. Currently, Chengdu is speeding up the construction of National Central city. We will continue to cultivate new momentum to accelerate the development of new economy, promote new technologies, new industries, new formats to accelerate growth. Not long ago, after the introduction of the network about the implementation of the rules of the Chengdu car management announced that the majority of users have points praise, saying it is the most tolerant network about the new deal. Shared bike is also a new thing, we welcome the relevant enterprises to explore this new way of travel in Chengdu, while speeding up the management of a more scientific. The municipal government will also actively guide the attention, standardized management, to facilitate travel at the same time, do not bring illegal lane and other issues, help the orderly and healthy development. 193 bicycles will be back with urban bicycle company (micro-blog) after parking 26 17:50 in the standard department, City Huayang Street Management Office in the yard for three days and two nights, 193 cars began to be back truck bike sharing. "Ready to pull to Tianfu street near direct delivery." Mobell bike staff said. Huayang Street appeared to share a bike, reporters before leaving, no shared bicycle is a new management office staff to clean up in the hospital. 26, no new car is cleared 26, Huayang Street Management Office of city bike sharing within the yard increased to 205 vehicles, 5 vehicles in addition to Yongan for the bicycle, 7 step cycling, the rest belong to Mobell bicycle. 16 PM, Mr. Zhang riding a bike and looked in the Chinese friends sharing lane. "We want to find another bike." Friends said, sharing intensive vehicle positioning software in bicycle and put them into the Huayang Street Office of urban management. "There are a lot of cars, but they can’t ride." Chengdu Daily reporter noted that began on the morning of 26, Huayang street and parked some shared bicycle, and until the reporter before leaving, no new bike sharing is sent to the hospital staff cleaning management office. The communication can be back 193 bikes today "Huayang Street Management Office Lian Ke相关的主题文章:

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