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Children eat vegetables should pay attention to the eight taboo improper move 1: improper irrigation from the supermarket to buy some vegetables, from the appearance is very clean, so some of the mother in the cooking just a little water. In fact, the general vegetables have a lot of pesticide residues, if not thoroughly cleaned, there are many hazards to the health of the baby. The right approach: to buy fresh vegetables in the water for 20 minutes, let the pesticide dissolved in water, and then repeatedly washed with water; or in the rice water for 10 minutes, then rinse with water repeatedly. Improper move 2: after the first cut some of the vegetables used to wash vegetables cut into small pieces and then clean, this practice undermines the nutrition of vegetables. However, many of the nutrients in vegetables is water soluble, shredded vegetables are washed, will lose a lot of nutrients. Correct approach: should first wash, cut vegetables. Improper action 3: boil too long vegetables in the vitamin are afraid of heat, afraid to cook, vitamin C in case of heat more easily oxidized. According to the determination, the time of cooking vegetables too long, of which the vitamin C will be lost about 60%. The correct approach: with the fire quickly stir fried vegetables, so not only the color is delicious, but also the loss of nutrients in the food is also the least. If you add some vinegar in the cooking is also very conducive to the preservation of vitamin. Improper move 4: eat overnight dishes sometimes give the baby alone do not often eat vegetables, some of the dishes to stay on the next day to give the baby to eat. Do not know to do so will make a lot of vitamin C, loss of B, even if placed in the refrigerator overnight food is also very easy to be contaminated by bacteria, causing deterioration, and even food poisoning. The correct approach: every time the amount of vegetables do not burn too much, it is best to eat now burn, so both health and nutrition. 5: impolicy discarded food soup to cook porridge, mommy in baby food dumplings, often cook stuffing juice squeezed out. The consequence is that 70% of the vitamins and minerals are discarded. The right approach: when the stuffed vegetables and meat together, let the best mixing chopped vegetable juice seeping into the stuffing. Make other dishes, vegetables and soup is to remember baby yo. Impolicy 6: too much to eat raw vegetables boiled, fried, boiled, will be more or less in which the loss of vitamin C, but the baby is still young, gastrointestinal function is weak, eat too many vegetables are not easy to digest, eating more will affect gastrointestinal function. The right approach: in order to avoid the carrots, pumpkins, peppers and other vegetables in the vitamin C is destroyed when cooking, the best fried dipped in flour, you can avoid excessive vitamin C is destroyed, but also easy to be absorbed in the intestine. Impolicy 7: most suitable vegetables refrigerated improper storage temperature is 3 DEG -10 DEG, but cucumber can not be less than 10 degrees, otherwise it will become soft, and the exudation of transparent liquid, fragrance will have nothing. Correct approach: cucumber, tomatoes do not keep in the refrigerator. Impolicy 8: eat spinach spinach is rich in vitamins, are very nutritious vegetables, so some Mommy lots of baby to eat, in fact, spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid, should not give the baby to eat too much. Correct approach: should be appropriate to the baby to eat spinach. Will you pay special attention to the children in the diet today? Send your opinion to our WeChat public number "Q~相关的主题文章:

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