China Australia students hire change papers called early traditional didadi

Chinese Australia students hire change papers called early "traditional" according to "the Australian newspaper" reported that the day before, at the Melbourne University Parkville campus, the card into the store paper room, find a bachelor’s degree in business Chinese students accounting examination papers, to change the score with a red pen. They wantonly crossed the original score, write a new, or modify the digital. After the completion of the six figures, the total score is not changed from the grid. According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" reported that over the next half hour, with a student on the other three papers are modified score of different office work is completed, the thief, soundless and stirless disappeared. The facts show that these people have the card used by staff, familiar with the location of the examination paper and the school security process. These are in the second half of 2015 sneaked into the school to change scores. Earlier this year, the secret University survey and records of the process documents revealed more shocking details, including some people say, know that you can change scores and many students. A report of Professor Nilss Olekalns vice president of Melbourne University School of business and economy, a student said that outside independent agency money can change the score. When was the first time that the school had asked him to change his grade, he said that he had heard of the "tradition" at the Melbourne University". The student said, he is from the other students heard about the change scores, one of the students and his fellow, another student in the school of Monash University. Although the case is unusual, it is not surprising that Tracey Bretag, an associate professor of academic integrity at the University of South Australia School of business. He launched the first nationwide study of academic fraud, saying the "perfect storm" that threatens the integrity and reputation of the higher education industry". As higher education is becoming more and more commercialized, it is faced with the prospect of unstable funds. This may lead to the enormous pressure on employees to support poor academic performance. A senior lecturer at the University of Sydney has revealed that 20% of the students in this semester, who are poor in English, are difficult to meet the requirements of teaching. "It’s terrible, but the industry needs the money to live on." He said. His claim was taken by Melbourne and other scholars in Sydney. Margaret, the Melbourne University’s provost, Sheil, will change the test scores as an isolated incident, which he says is not as good as other schools. She also said that higher education industry is facing to the poor performance of the students through the examination of the pressure that may be some exaggeration, not serious lecturer as shield preaching by the industry, to reduce their responsibilities. (China overseas network) editor: Li Ran相关的主题文章:

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