China draws on the experience of Spain, the average number of organ donation will exceed 50 thousand-t6570

Chinese from the Spanish experience of organ donation will exceed 50 thousand annual number of reference news network October 25 daily Road West media said, Chinese began to try to establish a voluntary organ donation system. In this process, Spain has played a key role in its success. According to EFE reported in October 23rd, the main person in charge of this area for the two countries this week in Beijing to attend an international conference, and Cervantes college in two organ donation held a dialogue. Huang Jiefu, chairman of the China human organ donation and Transplantation Committee, said that the use of donated organs is a much broader way, and that China’s model is based on the Spanish precedent. Huang Jiefu said that China has chosen the Spanish model, mainly because Spain is the leader in the field. The model based on intensive care unit is more suitable for China’s national conditions. Reported that the two countries in the field of contact, the Spanish organ donation and transplant association has played an active author. The chairman of the association Marty · manalich recently visited Beijing. Manalich said at the Cervantes Institute, this purpose is not to Chinese or any country to introduce China issue orders left and right, but by then, China choose whether or not to accept the. According to the agreement signed by the two countries, China will train 200 professionals in the field of organs each year, some of whom will be trained in spain. Reported that China’s organ transplant reform has achieved initial results: according to official data, last year more than 2700 people donated organs, a total of more than 10 thousand organ transplants. Huang Jiefu expects the number of donations this year or will be more than 4000 people, an increase of 80%. Manalich believes that the new system will promote the annual transplant more than 135 thousand times the number of China, donated more than 50 thousand people. This means that about 27 of every one million Chinese people decide to donate organs, while in Spain the figure is about 39. Reported that China learn from Spain’s main management model. In this model, the source of donations is mainly in hospitals. ICU medical team should not only know how to save lives, should also have the ability to persuade the patient’s family agreed to donate organs. In Spain, 85% of the families of the patients agreed to donate. In China, the family does not agree with the majority of the situation. Huang Jiefu believes that this is mainly due to the traditional Chinese thinking, as well as part of the public’s distrust of the health care system. Huang Jiefu said that if Confucius alive, he will be the first organ donation. The problem lies not in Confucianism, but in the backward system. He believes that with the continuous reform of China’s system, will win more trust in the country. The Spanish model has been about 25 years old, from the beginning to set a good example for the rest of the world. With the help of Spain, there has been a significant improvement in organ donation in Iran. (compile Liu Lifei) source: Reference News Network Editor: Joe Lei 8相关的主题文章:

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