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China VT5 light tank will debut at the Zhuhai air show information: China VT4 MBT field test, the original title: VT4 main battle tanks and other armored vehicles will be performing live trench maneuver eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "the Zhuhai show") will be held in Zhuhai in November 1st to 6. As one of the exhibition organizers, exhibitors will bring company eight high-tech weapons systems including mobile assault, firepower, armor, air defense, anti missile assault special operations, command and control, reconnaissance and early warning, comprehensive insurance. This is the company following the 2014 for the first time to participate in the Zhuhai airshow again after the debut. The exhibition exhibits a large number of large scale, high technical level, all-round, three-dimensional display of the group to adapt to the global trend of new military reform launched a variety of advanced weapons and equipment. In September 7th at the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show press conference, deputy general manager of the company Jia Hongqian told reporters on the situation of participating companies. In recent years, the group company with the profound changes in the international arms trade situation, actively promote the single equipment to form the overall combat capability, to upgrade the fusion technology and tactics, to a system of organic model upgrade to "package" solution system upgrade, achieved remarkable results. The air show, the heavy infantry brigade, amphibious brigade, mountain brigade, coast defense brigade, air assault brigade, anti-terrorism special warfare brigade as the representative of the organic integration mode and the army combat system, precision strike equipment system, air defense systems, coastal integrated defense weapons system on behalf of the package solution, relying on the traditional weapons platform, communication, electronics, air defense, anti-terrorism, explosion-proof, Beidou, coastal, air reconnaissance and strike related equipment included in the show, China ordnance industry group to integrate internal and external resources, professional system integration capabilities, can help users to quickly form of combat capability, to meet user personalized and diversified needs. A system of weapon systems, system solutions has become a major highlight of the show China weapons museum. In addition, armored vehicles to VT4 main battle tanks, VT5 light tank, ST1 type 105 mm assault gun, VN12 tracked infantry fighting vehicles and VN4 type 4×4 wheeled armored vehicle as the representative will also climb slope and trench, wading pool, maneuver projects such as live performances, show high flexibility and strong off-road ability. As of now, there were from 42 countries and regions more than 700 exhibitors attended the Zhuhai airshow, including 8 domestic large military group. The show also opened a special area of 70 thousand square meters of ground equipment as dynamic demonstration venues, indoor and outdoor exhibition area will reach more than 43 square meters, the 135 types of aircraft. Chinese "81" people’s Liberation Army Air Force aerobatic team, the British Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Russian Air Force "Warriors", "swift" aerobatic team will be mixed formation, flight performance. At the same time, the show will be held during the air force military flight training international exchanges, Chinese International Aerospace Forum and other professional activities. Airshow display size, structure, form and exhibits exhibition aerobatic team, professional activities)相关的主题文章:

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