China’s Ministry of Finance to promote the establishment of national and regional green development

Chinese: the Ministry of Finance on the construction of green financial system guidance to promote the establishment of national and Regional Green Development Fund – China news agency new network in Beijing on 2 September, the people’s Bank of Chinese, Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries have jointly issued "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions ") said in a study, proposed the establishment of green development fund, and through the use of fiscal policy to support the establishment of green financial system. In this regard, Chinese Ministry of Finance official said in Beijing on 2, the next step will integrate the existing energy-saving environmental protection and other parts of the establishment of special funds for the national green development fund investment, green industry, reflect the state of green investment guidance and policy signal. At the same time, encourage qualified local government and social capital jointly launched a regional green development fund to support the development of local green industry. Green industry fund will be market-oriented operation, effectively promote social capital investment, and further improve the efficiency of the use of funds." Responsible person said. The official further pointed out that the fiscal policy of the Ministry of finance will also implement the green financial sector, including financial discount, according to the provisions of the use of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode, and actively promote the development of green industry, provide a good policy environment for the development of green finance. In addition, continue to conduct extensive international cooperation in the field of green finance, effective use of international platform for the exchange of experience, enhance the ability to actively use the international financial organizations and foreign government loans to investment, attracting talent from overseas, to help domestic green finance and green industry development. For the development of green finance, the Ministry of Finance official said, green is one of China’s top five development ideas. Opinions on the construction of a comprehensive deployment of the green financial system, will effectively increase the supply of green funds, help promote the construction of ecological civilization, promote structural reform of the supply side. In promoting the development of green industry, the Ministry of finance has always attached great importance to the development of the field of environmental protection, and provides policy support from various aspects. Specifically, in the direct financial investment, the central government of the green industry to give direct financial support, the establishment of "energy saving and emission reduction subsidies" and "renewable energy special funds for the development of a number of special funds for energy-saving environmental protection, environmental protection has also developed a number of aspects of the tax policy to encourage and guide or constrain. According to the 2015 general public budget expenditure accounts, in 2015 the central level of energy saving and environmental protection expenditure was 40 billion 41 million yuan, an increase of 16% over the previous year. 2015 national environmental finance expenditure was 480 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of more than in 2014 of 26%. In the aspect of the development of green finance, the central government is mainly for the use of funds to support the end of orientation, improve capital efficiency, such as to provide discount on forestry project loan, loans and other refined oil quality upgrade. (end)相关的主题文章:

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