Chinese acrobatic drama Dream Tour staged in the United States – China

China acrobatic drama "dream journey" staged in the United States – Beijing, Beijing, November 4, Washington (reporter Diao Haiyang) the evening of November 4th, performed by China theatre acrobatic art creation of Hunan provincial acrobatic drama "dream journey" staged in the U.S. state of Virginia of George Mason University. The play by the expression of drama, depicts the adventures of a young man in a dream for the Phoenix bird encountered, to show the people in pursuit of a better life, indomitable battled sinister and eventually get a happy and bright wonderful story. The actors with 17 different types of acrobatics series into a complete stage, let the audience feel the China traditional art process, and actor together to complete a dream trip". The first night of the show to youth and the Phoenix bird encounter opening, the Phoenix bird skirt covered the stage. With the flying phoenix bird, colorful skirt full show in front of the audience, triggering the scene exclaimed. Since then, the actors used clothing, music, lighting, props of modern fashion, Chinese combines traditional opera, dance and other art forms and Western cultural elements, the original traditional acrobatic programs to create affordable movement, imaginative performance space. 100 minutes of play was repeatedly causing the thunderous applause, the audience have to China actor virtuosity and performing cheering. In particular, the interaction between the actors and the audience, so that the atmosphere reached a climax. By the China foreign cultural group and the Artist Company of Columbia jointly organized operation, China Hunan Acrobatic Art Theatre creation and performance of the "dream journey" America 100 tour project, from September 1, 2016 to December 14th in the 25 United States and Canada 2 states a total of more than and 70 City performances, the audience is expected to reach about 200000 passengers, which is in recent years, making the whole group Chinese acrobatics international tour record, the United States, Canada people have a deeper understanding and the understanding of China acrobatic art. (end)相关的主题文章:

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