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Chinese Logistics Conference held in Wuhu   "Internet plus" into a new trend of development of the industry — Anhui channel — November 26 Wuhu Xinhua (Wang Ruihua) in November 25th, fifteenth China Logistics Conference held as scheduled in Wuhu, from the many "Internet plus efficient logistics" on behalf of the enterprise, famous scholars and industry experts gathered together to share and exchange "Internet plus efficient logistics" model of innovation, management experience and practice. As a national circulation of modern logistics demonstration city, the national logistics standardization pilot cities, in recent years, the rapid development of the logistics industry in Wuhu. Now, there including symbiotic logistics platform, supply chain alliance, Luo thies, Yi of a group of "Internet plus efficient logistics enterprises and projects" the formation of industrial agglomeration in Wuhu, which also appeared in "Wuhu Internet plus efficient logistics" in the field of A new force suddenly rises. 2015, Wuhu logistics enterprises operating income totaled 22 billion 180 million yuan, logistics throughput of 190 tons. Internet plus logistics is not only economic development, and promote the traditional economy. In recent years, with the extensive application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet is profoundly changing the logistics industry. As Wuhu is in the "symbiotic logistics Internet plus the background, the company’s use of the Internet to create a win-win ecosystem services of logistics, logistics enterprises to continuously improve the efficiency and reduce cost. Up to now, the symbiotic logistics platform to achieve turnover of 900 million yuan, on-line users of 475, is expected this year, the transaction is expected to reach $1 billion 500 million. At present, China’s logistics industry is in a slowdown in growth, efficiency, demand adjustment and strategic transformation of power conversion. The Internet not only as a means of technology, but also as a way of thinking, affecting the logistics industry." Chinese Logistics Association He Liming said, "Internet plus" has become the Chinese logistics development trend of logistics industry and deepen the integration of Internet, provides a new way for the transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises. In another development, the annual meeting, "Internet plus efficient logistics innovation center started simultaneously, the Yangtze River Economic Belt intermodal network platform officially grid. (commissioning editor Ma Lingling and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章:

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