Chinese tourists visiting the street gun addiction close contact with high-end police equipment (

Chinese tourists visiting the street "gun addiction" close contact with high-end police equipment in the Mekong River "movie action" appeared in high-altitude UAV reconnaissance, robots and other high-tech police equipment, yesterday morning appeared concentrated Han street, tourists are screaming fun. Yesterday morning 11, Wuchang district held a counter-terrorism Awareness Week launch ceremony in the Han street theatre. Wuchang police anti-terrorism department to bring a large number of "real shit" to launch 2000 meters police drones, turning guns, EOD robot, automatic throwing robot, remote monitoring system, a portable X-ray partition wall radar and so on. Show the Swat assault rifle, equipped with variable line sight system, attracted fans have come to the "gun addiction" (pictured). How to identify terrorist attacks? What about a terrorist attack? The street theatre of the big screen looping videos, Handbook of citizens to prevent terrorist attacks, the police also issued the scene of Wuhan City Office of counter-terrorism published ". According to the police, citizens provide special big clues for the prevention or detection of major violent terrorist cases play a key role, particularly outstanding contribution, will be as a clue, can obtain the highest award 500 thousand yuan; two and three provide clues on terror, can obtain 40 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan reward. (reporter correspondent Wu Changhua Sun Xun) Eighth China International Police Equipment Exhibition opened in Beijing相关的主题文章:

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