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Chinese "widowed" family education family education: more than half of the mother father absence of October 22nd – 23 day, "the first Chinese parents day" and "home school community education and parents education international forum held in Binzhou, and issued a" status quo "family education Chinese white paper. In the white paper, from May 2014 to May 2016, 28 provinces and cities across the country conducted a questionnaire survey and network, more than 30 experts conducted a statistical analysis. The white paper also reflects some of the characteristics of parents in education. For example, the role of "father" in education still exists to a certain extent, while the parents in the high demand for children at the same time, there are often more than the actual situation. Father’s education is less than 20% of the family in the traditional concept, many people believe that the male Lord outside the female owner, of course, the "inside" also includes the family of children’s education. Until now, whether abroad or at home, the proportion of mothers in the education of children is always greater than the father. In the survey found that more than half of the families of the mother led the child’s education, while the father led the child’s education is less than 20%. Thus, although both husband and wife attach great importance to children’s education, but the proportion of his father in the actual process of education can be put into practice is not high. In fact, the father is crucial to the influence of child development, children’s self-confidence, courageous qualities such as father’s lead. The education of children often need a rational mode of thinking, but the mother much more emotional, so the children in the process of education is often not enough to calm down, and the father are more rational, so the psychological characteristics of the most suitable education for children, but the result is the father of children’s education intervention proportion is far lower than the mother. Although the majority of parents in the education concept are advancing with the times, but there are still a lot of confusion and problems in children’s education. Don’t know which education accounted for 37.82%, no time to educate their children accounted for 26.19%, accounting for 15.93% of the family members disagree. For the most important task of family education, there are nearly 4 of parents believe that children should be taught the truth of life, there are about 3 of parents believe that children should be taught to survive. Compared to the 90s of last century, parents have been able to distinguish the difference between family education and school education. More than 40% of parents believe that children’s performance in general that the parents of their children’s performance satisfaction? Data show that only 27.61% of parents are satisfied with the child’s academic performance, that the child’s parents in general accounted for more than 40%. This shows that academic performance is still the focus of attention of parents, and the child’s performance to meet the requirements of parents is not so easy. In fact, not every child can read the best grades, parents need to learn the results of a rational attitude. Fortunately, when the child is not ideal, there are nearly 77% of parents can understand the situation, find out the reasons, blame, nagging only a few. Similarly, think their children as a whole is not very good parents, just over 20%, most parents just think相关的主题文章:

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