Chongqing International Women’s marathon sports — beautiful ending —

Chongqing International Women’s marathon sports — beautiful ending — Beijing 23 October, October 23rd, the "2016 Chongqing International Women’s marathon" (hereinafter referred to as the Chongqing women’s half marathon in nabinlu shots). This Zhichao Yan high female runner event, at home and abroad to attract 8500 players, a record number of entries. By the music as sports Chongqing branch contractors, into the second year of the Chongqing women’s half horse registration situation is more popular than last year, after the opening of the channel in August after just 4 minutes and 36 seconds, enrollment broken up to 1000. Only 55 hours 10km and half the Group places online personal sold out. This year the number of participants reached 8500 people, including 1800 people half marathon, 10 km 2200, mini marathon 4500, parent-child group 1000. The music live sports team in the 27 seats set includes 4 sets of UAV, multi angle full record of the Yan Zhichao high female runners exclusive events, through mobile music as sports, music video terminal, PC terminal, and music as a super mobile phone and music as a super TV, four screen live this time the game, real time race pictures, interviews, video special combination of visual presentation, to convey the game early heart — "only for the better". One of the changes of this year’s Chongqing women’s half marathon is the most significant in the stadium have many flowers, welcome by more than 4000 roses flowers channel, in addition to providing intimate gifts of flowers, massage, makeup, etc. Manicure after service, to create exclusive atmosphere for female runners. The beauty of the runners are in the end after closing time in half, and group 10km players won by Zhou Dafu sterling silver jewelry brand custom finish necklace; mini mini family group and the group of players are carefully designed by the Organizing Committee of the commemorative coins, and parenting groups of small friends is a beautiful baby "medal". Zheng Wenrong crossed the line end point Chongqing International Women’s marathon in 1 hours, 26 minutes and 25 seconds of the first, "run together and 8500 women today feel very special, the mood is very beautiful, hope that through this competition, to attract more women to participate in running the health movement. To further enhance the running in the Chinese influence, let more women out of health, out of the beautiful." Zheng Wenrong said. At present, the Chongqing women and horses at home and abroad have a certain degree of visibility and influence, after the end of this year’s tournament, the tournament organizing committee will apply for the event for the copper race. "As a woman’s marathon, Chongqing International Women’s marathon sports marketing has unique attributes than ordinary marathon, also attracted the eye. Integration of music as the sports ecosystem of sports marketing, open up the upper and lower reaches of the chain of sports IP, to achieve full coverage of all new media platforms, and can be integrated with the sports scene, interactive precision marketing. For the major brands to broaden the depth and breadth of marketing, so as to create a more effective promotion effect." LETV sports chief marketing officer Qiang Wei said. (commissioning editor Yang Lei and Hu Xuerong)相关的主题文章:

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