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"Chun Ni" sunqian promotion mothers happy to conceal the apprehension – Sohu   entertainment; Sun Qian couple Sohu entertainment news not long ago, Sun Qian on micro-blog news publicly for the first time, finally ushered in the baby in God knows how long, for a time, users have the blessing. This Saturday, Sun Qian and her husband Cai Yuanhang specially wearing good news for old friend Chun Ni’s home, for the first time mothers fathers share happy moments. To give the baby a budding Daddy this nickname? Sun Qian B ultrasound photos for the first time exposure, the scene to listen to fetal heartbeat excited. Cai Yuanhang gave the dog delivered a wonderful experience unforgettable. The real staged 101 proposal, Cai Yuanhang chase love trick. More exclusive stories, just at the September 24th BTV Chun Ni 19:35 weekend. Sun Qian: again, I hear the fetal heartbeat suddenly began to cry three months before pregnancy, usually is a sensitive period of frequent emergencies, should be careful. But Sun Qian did not immediately stop the work at hand, has not announced the good news, is still filming in Hengdian. 45 degree summer heat, shooting strength nearly ten hours a day finally let Sun Qian some tie JiaBuZhu, "I suddenly had a stomachache night, call the husband, he said not to go to the hospital to see it, I was still inside the hospital in the town of Hengdian, Sunday at noon, after dinner from the doctor I ran home to check, I was very nervous, feel that moment is in the child’s announced the verdict, I suddenly heard the heartbeat, instantly cry, I said to God, he is living on the line". Cai Yuanhang: the real staged "101 proposal" Sun Qian almost become a "runaway bride" is a kind of love called Sun Qian and Cai Yuanhang, ten years of long-distance love each other, never give up. More than and 10 years old with Cai Yuanhang Chun Ni for the two love story can be said to know too much, have some details even Sun Qian did not know the parties. They are familiar with the person all know, just marry him, Cai Yuanhang had dozens of failures, a Yuecuoyueyong posture. "You have to shameless! His face in the pocket, and not tired, married to come home again, the face has been rotten in the pocket". Finally the successful suitor, decided the same day licensing, fear of marriage sunqianfa suddenly shilly-shally, from nine a.m. to 2:00 in the afternoon has been slow, but his father-in-law urged Sun Qian back, it really became a legendary "runaway bride". In the sun Qian’s life, there have been several special members, that is five stray dogs, today the Chun Ni family, she also brought ring and lost two dogs, whether two dogs do what, let Cai Yuanhang shouted embarrassment? The dog gave birth at home, such a wonderful experience and let Cai Yuanhang have collapse? More wonderful, just in September 24th BTV literary 19:35 "Chun Ni’s weekend time" – life is perfect for you.相关的主题文章:

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