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Coaching: Mengniu Danone holdings or big change coming? Mengniu Coaching: big change coming? Lu Min released the body can reach the identity of the Department of the outside world had to guess, Danone Mengniu will further overweight, or even the final acquisition of the latter. The "national financial weekly" reporter Intern Wang Xianzhi Li Yuxi in late September 15th, Mengniu Dairy Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Mengniu") announced by COFCO group recommendation, approved by the board of directors, from now on the appointment of Lu Min as president of Mengniu Dairy released. In fact, the new president of Mengniu Dairy sensitive moment. On the one hand is climbing performance, the gap with competitors has increased; on the other hand, is the first major shareholder COFCO is promoting reform. A rare mid autumn horse Huanshuai, coupled with special background and experience of the new coach, the second local milk prices probably will usher in a series of "change". Mengniu not so "cattle" is Sun Yiping in the mixed Mengniu in four years, the best interpretation of its performance. Listed in Hong Kong, Mengniu in 2016 report shows, 2016 year achieve sales revenue 27 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%; due to the decline in the cost of raw milk and the adjustment of product structure, the first half of the gross profit of 9 billion 181 million yuan, compared with 2015 growth of 12.8% over the same period; operating profit to 1 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 3.7%. Dairy experts said that in 2016, the domestic milk surplus, weak consumption, milk market impact. In the context of a number of adverse factors, Mengniu Dairy this result is hard to come by. However, in the face of rising competition and performance of the world rankings, Mengniu also slightly embarrassed. The main task of Sun Yiping as Mengniu Yili is to be completed on the counter attack. 4 years later, Mengniu Dairy and Yili distance was pulled. While held in the days before the investor conference, Mengniu chairman Ma Jianping said: "in 2011 and mid 2016 to be roughly the same peers, in terms of market capitalization, revenue, profits and other aspects of the opponent with a large gap, it is not satisfactory from cofco. Now from the perspective of Mengniu development, adjust management is also necessary." Sun Yiping took office in the first year, Mengniu Dairy revenues 36 billion 100 million yuan, Erie is $42 billion, a gap of $5 billion 900 million. By 2015, Erie total revenue exceeded 60 billion yuan, becoming the first to enter the club’s milk prices in 60 billion. Mengniu Dairy has suffered a decline in performance, only 49 billion yuan camp fell, the widening gap between the two to ten billion yuan. Some analysts said that the modern animal husbandry and Ashley Mengniu’s performance are poor, indicating that the integration effect is not ideal. If the performance of the two companies from the point of view, as the helm, Sun Yiping is responsible. "Mengniu before the merger, Ashley is the industry leader, but now declining. Because most of the staff before the enterprise, these people went to the competitors." Senior dairy analyst, China Dairy Association director Chen Yu accept the national financial weekly reporter, said the analysis, the Chinese Enterprises相关的主题文章:

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