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Comment on "light" between the ocean: heat wrong tasteless chicken soup – "light" ocean Sohu entertainment poster   Sohu; entertainment news (Wen Guojie) "blue Valentine" director Derek Louisiana Frans "new ocean light" at the Venice Film Festival is the first day of shuicheng. The film is an adaptation of M.L. Stedman’s best-selling novel, tells the story of a war veterans, Tom (Michael Fassbinder) with his young wife Isabel (Alicia Wicander ornaments) a small island to the west of Australia become a beacon of the lighthouse keeper here, away from the noise of the city, a loving couple two people lived calm life. However, his wife Isabel? Many miscarriages, give their lives to bring the shadow, let Isabel very painful, so one day when a boat brought ashore a man’s body and a baby alive, Isabel begged Tom to cover the body, leaving the child. But the choice of Tom against justice let him suffer the moral judgment of torture, when the baby grew up, the couple of the child’s feelings more profound when a child life discovered by accident, caused the family and other people more pain……     original novel touching, it tells the most difficult choice between love and justice. However, the film is very loyal to the original adaptation of the original did not have the deepest and heaviest thing to do well, the most important reason is that the director too much force, the results become mere formality. The $twenty million budget for the film, clothing are very attractive, as it on the first quarter Adam Arkapaw photographer, photography did not disappoint, panoramic grand majestic, close calm and delicate; music is still Alexander, although the creation of some self repetition, but the music itself is good. However, they are all over the use of the lens is beautiful, but the king of the close-up of the close-up, the use of slow motion, indoor and outdoor lighting of the various stresses, people tired. Coupled with the symphony from the beginning to the end of the symphony, and some do not need to spend money on the plot, all make people feel long. The performance also has excessive suspicion, Michael Fassbinder, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz, two Oscar prize winners and show a nomination, without doubt acting on. But when the director always focused on their various angles with various degrees of tears, happy or sad mood at their most full time to show sadness and pain, let the film become to pain and suffering, in order to tangled tangled. A pot of the good chicken soup, a variety of condiments are placed in full, but if not, but tasteless and insipid.相关的主题文章:

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