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Commission Poverty Alleviation: love channel useful? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Commission Poverty Alleviation: love channel useful? September 9th China Securities Regulatory Commission on the role of the role of the capital market to serve the country out of poverty strategy, opened on Monday, the stock market crash. Shanghai market fell below 3000 points, the deepest fell to 2.51%, closing down by 1.85%. 90% stocks fell, the stock market panic. Why the Commission to help China is one of the most serious gap between rich and poor. At present, the economy can not accelerate, through large-scale poverty alleviation, so that the poor are rich, so that the purchasing power of poor people, it will stimulate consumption to enhance domestic demand. The regime is stable. Poverty first to corruption. In a lack of outside supervision power of bureaucratic groups in front of poverty alleviation funds allocated, will become the group’s carnival. So, after the forces within the Party Commission for Discipline Inspection of the live bolted the bureaucratic group, began to launch a large-scale poverty alleviation policy. After the poverty alleviation work has become the core of national ministries are required to give advice and suggestions. The effect of the poverty alleviation, directly affect the officials promoted to. Therefore, poverty alleviation work in full swing, began large-scale, rapid poverty alleviation. IPO poverty came into being, which is the background. SFC IPO poverty: look at the Beijing Railway Station love channel, you will understand! In the Beijing Railway Station, the old man bought a train ticket, the staff to check the ID card, you can directly into the station. The Commission’s IPO poverty alleviation is the same reason. There is a policy inclination to the IPO of the enterprises in the areas of poverty – "that is to say, that is, the trial and the trial". That is to say, in poor areas for enterprises in the market, ready to jump the queue. As for the conditions listed companies, the country is a standard, not because of poverty in the area to relax the scale. For example, even the old man go Beijing Railway Station love channel, also want to buy the train ticket to get on the train! Recently, Karamay’s new oil shares IPO audit did not pass, can also be regarded as the first case since the IPO poverty alleviation policy has been no case. The Commission on poverty alleviation policy quality enterprises in poor areas, more than a listing of the Easy Access is a good thing, but also caused the market to worry, think it is difficult to avoid opportunistic. News review: Lantian incident and Moutai miracle because IPO can bring huge benefits, China stock market investment hunger serious, state-owned and private enterprises listing and financing, pay attention to money. Because no matter how industrial dry, as well as the stock market, stock, financing. Let’s look at an example of IPO fraud. There is a "old blue chip" shares Lantian shares, it is the pride of Hubei old liberated areas of poverty. Before the listing, a lot of old old red army generals, trying to find the relationship between Lantian stock market, earnings growth soon. Lantian shares are also keen to "charity", every year for the revolutionary martyrs, families one thousand yuan. Professor Liu Shuwei has written a study of more than and 600 words相关的主题文章:

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