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Communication: Thailand mouring period end scenic spots recovery news agency new network business in Thailand in November 14 Chanthaburi Xinhua: Thailand mouring period scenic spots resumed business author Chen Qiuxia with the Thailand national mourning period ended, the original closed Thailand major tourist attractions from 14 open land. The morning of Thailand Prefecture of Chanthaburi is located in a quiet, the Thai Cambodian border city, like Phuket Island, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand famous tourist resort for tourists China known, but the scenery here is unique, the pace of life is slow, very suitable for leisure tourists to relax. James is a service in Thailand Prefecture of Chanthaburi TAMAJUNHOTEL Hotel, on the same day, he and the usual early open. He told reporters that the 13 day coincides with the Thailand Water Festival once a year, but this year the water festival in his mood and not the same as in previous years, Thailand has just lost a loved one, very important Thailand nine king. The water festival day, the people of Thailand will be in accordance with the customs to the river discharge lamp blessing, but the celebration is reduced, not so busy last year. The same day, the reporter visited the Chanthaburi Office of the cathedral, the World Ocean Oasis, Thailand traditional straw processing workshop etc.. Oasis in the marine world, the reporter saw a group of tourists to watch the dolphin show, fish feed, the people of Thailand is going from the nine king died of grief, spots gradually return to normal. Thailand Tourism Bureau staff told reporters that the office of Rayong mayfong, tourists and people less relative to the previous, the pain just sorry love the king. Once in Thailand China tourists Huang Yuan said, this time to Thailand, just hit the national mourning period ended, in her opinion, Thailand all in order, and usually no different. Chinese tourists can rest assured to Thailand tourism. With the opening of scenic spots, Chinese tourists began to flock to Thailand. 13, Guangxi media delegation visited Thailand, Chanthaburi, Luo Yong, Pattaya reporter to follow the Thailand National Tourism Bureau Kunming office and jointly organized by the Asian airlines. At Nanning Wuxu International Airport, the reporter saw at the check-in flight to Thailand Pattaya, Phuket Island, Bangkok Chinese crowded with tourists. Not long ago, Nanning airport to restore Nanning to Phuket Island route. After arriving in Thailand, the reporter found that the black dress everywhere, from Pattaya to Wuda on the way to Chanthaburi International Airport into government, companies, factories, schools, hotels and other places, the gate of the temple are hung with black and white and the Thailand nine world king avatar, tribute to the late nine Century king. Thailand National Tourism Administration Office Director Kanokkittika Kritwutikon introduced in Rayong, Chanthaburi Prefecture is the main producing area of Thailand gem and tropical fruit, stone production and processing the well-known, far and near to attract a large number of countries in the world of jewelry customers come. The Chanthaburi government also owns Thailand’s largest Catholic Church, mangroves, Ocean Park and other tourist resources. There’s not much commercial things, walking in the Chanthaburi palace visitors can feel the high streets and back lanes, better preservation of the original Thailand ethnic culture, taste the flavor of traditional delicacy. Kanokki)相关的主题文章:

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