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Copy heritage books WeChat consulting problems recorded in Shaanxi province intransportable cultural relic geographical books, to answer "Tomb Difficult miscellaneous diseases" of WeChat group, there were many cultural relics stolen by this method. Recently, the 2 Raider man and 2 dealer was arrested by Xingping police, and a tomb at large. The tomb in case the police they thought it was a few months to grab in front of a brick factory not far from the west of Wuzhen stockade village of Xingping city soil dug tomb, the news quickly spread in the local. "This area in Han Dynasty tomb more, we suspect a tomb." Xingping City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron Dongcheng police Wei Qidong said that the villagers did not will report to the Department of cultural relics, did not contact the public security organs. The news that the police rushed to the scene, found that many graves have been dug up, "we speculate that the suspect will come again". After a week of squatting, September 13th at 9 pm, 2 men came to the stolen tombs nearby, "they saw the police thought is the tomb, also want to seize the grave". Police Liang Ming identity, the suspect Zhang and Yang captured. According to the suspects confessed that they had a history of a partner, they in zhaizicun robbing an ancient tombs, stole 3 bronzes and more than and 50 pieces of brick. Subsequently, the police found the suspect Yang’s home 2 pots and more than and 50 pieces of brick, and the rental office in Zhang home and found 3 suspected in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty cultural relics and a large number of professional tools, these tools can detect whether there are cultural relics. However, the 3 bronzes have been reselling them to the dealer. According to the clues, the police identified the cultural relics in Weinan and Xi’an antique market, and at the end of September 2 antiquities dealers arrested. It is understood that the police in Zhang, Yang residence and 2 cultural relics were found in a total of 14 artifacts. According to the preliminary identification of experts, has in the Eastern Zhou period cultural relics, there are relics of Song Dynasty, Han dynasty. WeChat group in the tomb of the victims title "experts" to help solve the "should not be a crime for the first time." Police investigators are very surprised, the suspect Zhang and yang are 80, after a 90, or why the tomb is very understanding of it? Wei Qidong introduced, according to the suspects confessed that they in the excavation of the tomb before a WeChat group, if there is a tomb will contact each other, but also can consult the "experts" in the group, to help them solve some of the problems encountered in the tomb of the. After combing the police, there are hundreds of people in the WeChat group, including Xinjiang, Gansu, Henan, Shanxi and other places, a wide range of. Not only that, the police are still living in the search for a copy of a copy of the list of units of cultural relics, recorded the location of immovable cultural relics in Shaanxi. China Daily reporter noted that the book is not only a detailed record of the cultural relics name, position, age and grade, some specific to the distance of a village many meters, which is located in Xianyang a few tombs and ruins are ticked off. It is understood that the 3 suspects are natives of Xingping, living in a village, no fixed work. At present, 3 people for the crime of excavation of ancient tombs by the Xingping municipal procuratorate arrested according to law, the history of a still at large. Two the dealer was released on bail because of insufficient evidence. Recover the value of the cultural relics and Ting相关的主题文章:

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