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Customers Izakaya, a good place to eat skewers – Sohu often Lu Chun Izakaya overnight. From the window, relatively low-key, the only impression is placed in front of the "return" of Transformers. Later, a friend about the house, pushed the door into the house and found that the environment too! Japanese rich elements of lanterns, flags, painting, wine, interwoven reproduction. Make people seem to be in a distant country. The whole space is full, but not crowded. Looking for an angle to take pictures, you can pretend to be in japan! Two upstairs, there is a large balcony, tatami seat, can accommodate more than a dozen people. After visiting the environment, then sit chatting, waiting to be served. Sashimi assorted cold dishes, 88 yuan. Salmon, scallops, Arctic Bay, sea dace and sweet shrimp. Fish are very fond of. Sweet shrimp entrance cotton bomb, salmon thickness is moderate, eat up very soft. Skewer must be red shrimp, 5 Tail 40 yuan. Big shrimp. Looks dry, like a hollowed out. In fact, peel the shell, eat shrimp meat, but a little tender. Bacon fried food, 22 yuan. Fried rice weight quite enough, but were clear, the taste is not bad. Korean seafood pot, 46 yuan. The seafood pot is really worth it! Seafood boiled out of the soup is very delicious. Shrimp, octopus, meatballs, mushroom, letinous edodes and pickled cabbage, are very tasty. This pot of spicy and clinking, eat very satisfied. Soil bottle steam, 16 yuan. Lemon more sweet and sour flavor. Customers are not good skewers, filled up. Rather, each table is equipped with an oven, the diners themselves to experience the fun. Miso crab shells burn, 16 yuan a. Just started to see the golden yellow, thought it was cheese. I was told that by miso Peru’s sake. The bottom is full of crab. With the flame burning heating, gradually warming up the inside of the shell Jiaocui, crab meat also cooked ~ picked up a mix to eat, taste very good ~ Scallop in Shell burn, 9 yuan a. Wipe a butter, Scallop in Shell as bustling fire up. The shell of the fresh juice is very sweet. After baking aykshell ~ Izakaya work, to drink a little wine, eat string, brag spit Tucao, be satisfied with home, is a good choice to name: customers Izakaya store: Xiamen City Lake Road to hotels near features: skewers, diet: 80 yuan per capita相关的主题文章:

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