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Travel-and-Leisure Cyprus car rental or Cyprus car hire as it is sometimes referred to is probably the best way to get around the Island. In fact if you are staying in a rented Cyprus villa or luxury apartment a car is a must. The buses in Cyprus are sporadic at best and only cover the areas such as resorts or the main towns. Taxis are only a viable option if you possess more money than sense and walking is great for your health but not such a good idea in temperatures up to 40c in the summer. So if you want less hassle and more Cyprus a Cyprus car hire deal is what you should be looking for. Isn’t the internet great? You can find virtually anything on the world wide web including of course all the best deals on Cyprus car hire. You are at liberty to .pare like for like vehicles with lots of different .panies without even leaving the .fort of your own home. Neat or what? You can book your Cyprus hire car on line and collect it from the airport when you arrive in Cyprus for the start of your holiday and return it when you .e back to the airport to return home. You will have already saved the cost of your two way transfer to your ac.modation and escaped the hassle of being driven round the Island before finally arriving at your hotel or apartment which was probably the nearest one to the airport anyway. Then you wouldl miss all the fun of fishing your cases from the depths of the coaches luggage hold in the dark and lugging them up three flights of stairs in the middle of the night too. Cyprus car hire certainly does make good sense if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and enjoy a stress free holiday from day one. Remember that the Cyprus summer is HOT! and be sure to specify a car with air conditioning. Those trendy little jeeps look like great fun for cruising around Cyprus but once the sun has fried your scalp they do seem to loose a little of their appeal. The same goes for cabriolets too. You will look real cool cruising down the strip but not so pretty after the hot Cyprus sun has turned you into a cross between a leopard and a lobster. If you are already sold on the idea of Cyprus car hire it’s worth a reminder about some Cyprus car rental essentials. No drivers licence no Cyprus hire car! If you can’t produce both your counterfoil and your photo licence you won’t be driving anywhere in Cyprus. (Ha well where’s the coach park) Also remember to carry your photo card license with you and the hire documents whenever you drive the car because in Cyprus failure to do so is an offence that carries an on the spot fine. In the unlikely event that you are involved in an accident no matter how minor, do NOT! move the vehicle and make sure the police are informed as well as calling your Cyprus car hire .pany. These steps are crucial because in Cyprus the police deal directly with the motor insurance .panies as to who is at fault in any incident. The roads are pretty good on the whole although you should exercise a little care if you take a Cyprus hire car off the main highways. With all the building work that is going on in Cyprus some of the back roads have been dug up so many times that they look like patchwork quilts and it is often difficult to tell where the road ends or the verge starts. The main routes however are as good (if not better) than those in other parts of mainland Europe but without any of the traffic problems or other driving stresses like road rage and traffic congestion. There is a modern motorway network between the main towns and principle coastal resorts that puts the crappie U.K. road network to shame. (what do they spend all that road fund duty on?) The chances are that once you have hired a car for your Cyprus holiday you wouldn’t dream of being without one when you .e to the Island again. The freedom of the open road is still a reality in Cyprus and driving is still an enjoyable pastime there. In fact many ex pats that make visits back to the U.K. find the driving there a real nightmare. So if you want to wring the most out of your time on this beautiful Island and see places that the regular tourist miss out on sort yourself a Cyprus car rental deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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