Czech more than Prague! How beautiful is a small town in Europe To Czech to know

Czech more than Prague! How beautiful is a small town in Europe? Czech to know Czech, Prague, but also more than Prague! In addition to the ancient romantic Prague, Gerd wrote the most beautiful cities in Europe, will also visit a few small town. Are about 1 hours away from Prague by car distance. There are Teplice spa, where Beethoven lived, there are beautiful old Lee Tohme, a variety of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance style building completely accord with my heart a town like eastern europe. Czech travel, to start! Itinerary: DAY1 Prague: Praha DAY2: UST, spa city Teplice DAY3: D Teplice C tetschen? í n DAY4: Panen J Ki Cele F Panensk? T? Ne DAY1   in Prague; first season to the late autumn of Prague, when the first impressions from Prague start, from an old brick paved streets, thirteenth Century church by walking, when you enter the old city, standing in the world’s first whole city is culture the heritage of the city. The Vltava River on a violin melody, and the colors of autumn with the flow, make people sigh, you are like Prague. Come to Prague with love. This is the most romantic place! "A man can never know what he wants, for man can only live once, neither can he be compared with his previous life, nor can he be amended in the next life. There is no way to test which is good, because there is no comparison. Everything is going on right now, for once, not ready." This passage comes from "the unbearable lightness of being", how true the feeling of life. "Unbearable lightness" is the representative of the famous writer Milan Kundera, he is from Czech, and glad that you was born in such a state, so he became a Guangwen acknowledged "world of people. Another great writer, Kafka, is from Czech. This is close to Germany, not too big country – Czech, Gerd wrote the most beautiful European cities, hidden in the depths of how many beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered. Now it is convenient to fly directly, Hainan Airlines flight from Beijing to Prague, it takes only ten hours to arrive. The day before the sun is still in Beijing Hutong, the day after October in the old city of Czech to enjoy a cup of HOT WINE Eastern European style. Colleagues feel that, the most impressive is the Hainan Airlines during the landing will play the "heart", have a unique style to make people comfortable. International airline meals is also very good, generally have two kinds of western style can choose, I have preferred Chinese food. This time in Czech, with Insta 360 fantastic journey. No one took photos on the trip, I simply use Insta 360 self timer. Anyway, take a panoramic picture, how to have my own. In addition to look at the dead end panorama in app, but also can be guided. Sometimes I feel a little witch in the photo. Balabala, change! Photo.相关的主题文章:

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