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De restart before the age of 95 the Nazis killed thousands of people accused of aiding trial – Beijing to restart the German Nazi controlled trial before the age of 95 new agencies to assist the slaughter of thousands of people in Berlin on 12 September, (reporter Peng Dawei) after twice after the extension of the new German District Court of Land Brandenburg on the 12 day of resumption of the 95 year old former Nazis Hubert the trial, Chafuke. Served as SS medic in Auschwitz Concentration Camp Chafuke Hubert, was convicted in 1944 eight and September to assist in the implementation of at least 3681 deaths. According to the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported the same day, the charges is based on the number of the victims in the time period from the Balkan countries, France, Holland, the Baltic States and Germany to send the Jews imprisoned at Auschwitz, operating a list of statistics. In just two months, the Jews of the 14 trains were exiled to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Anne, the famous author of the diary of Anne, and her parents and sister, were on one of the trains on the train, and so on. The list also recorded many of the Jews arrived at Auschwitz were immediately sent to the gas chamber, killed on the spot. According to German media reports, the trial should be started in February 29, 2016, but has been delayed twice. The main reason for the delay in the trial is due to the reasons for the age of the elderly, the parties involved in the trial around whether they have the ability to stand trial and reply. The trial was postponed until May of this year, after being pushed back, the reason is that the court failed to determine whether the defendant still have the appropriate ability to appear in court. The trial was officially launched in September 12th is based on the identification results given by the official medical staff as a precondition: the defendant at least still have a limited ability to appear in court". At the beginning of the day of the trial, the prosecution accused Hubert, Chafuke did not personally involved in the murder, but the charges as SS health officers in their implementation of the system has been a massacre of Auschwitz informed, "the camps were assisting crime". In the earlier trial, Hubert, Chafuke argued that he was "a cipher", as a process of prisoners were massacred completely without exerting any influence. The court did not make a verdict on the case. Broadcasting British Corporation that can be used for the former Nazis living to time is transient, and those convicted are often suspended due to health reasons. To assist the killing of 28 thousand Jews of the Sobibor concentration camp guard John Demianruk before his death in 2012 was sentenced to 5 years in prison. (end)相关的主题文章:

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