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"Demon" with all the chips open cross-border cooperation Taobao launched a new MOBA racing game today, market competition becomes increasingly fierce, "the game player is king" era has come, manufacturers in order to improve the product influence, consolidate and expand the user base racked, to meet the diverse needs of the growing experience of game player. Today, Netdragon’s large network swims "demon" Taobao congregation launched cross-border cooperation, jointly launched the project, I want to launch the power of the nation to create a "both guts" MOBA competition. It is understood that this is "demon" for the first time in the tournament launched all the chips in the form of "demon", is also the first MOBA tournament; and Taobao crowdfunding is also the first time to initiate a game related events to raise the public, such a collision will wipe out what kind of spark? Work together to build national MOBA games, game player involved in the strong sense of "courage competition" to raise public projects is based on the "demon" just open beta of the new version of "war arena", it is reported that this version is integrated into the MOBA mode, in this version of the support, "demon" also opened the tournament plan. Previously, games are once regarded as professional gaming players can participate in the project, and the "guts sport for all people, to create a" national MOBA "event, so that the public can participate in the same game player against operation, strategy game, team pride and athletic competition, enjoy a" demon "the unique style of MOBA athletics charm. As the domestic tour of the works, the first "demon" has been 10 years, has a large number of game player groups in china. "Demon" joint Taobao launched the "guts to raise public competition to raise public projects is not only to create new styles, new forms, foot game player fresh, but the whole event belongs to the sports game player, game player depth involved, from the" consumer "to" investors". It can be seen that the manufacturer is very high degree of attention to the game player, game player is not just consumption as the role of the game, but turned to the same team and "demon" creator. Participate in the "guts competition" to raise the public as a game player, events from the project to the implementation of the witness, to raise the public’s own charm transplanted into a gaming tournament, and this event and to participate in the general feeling completely different. Join Taobao to raise the public, together to achieve a win-win situation, "demon" why choose cross-border cooperation with Taobao chips? As mentioned earlier, "demon" is a 10 year heritage of the end of the tour IP, has a considerable number of loyal users, but also have a very strong Taobao raise public brand influence, brand well-known business and game cross industry cooperation, through resource sharing, rapidly expanding user base coverage, and with the help of the the two sides can enhance cooperation, on the other side of the user group’s influence, to reach a win-win situation. In addition, for the game player, cross-border joint two strong brands, to bring the value of the game player can not imagine the benefits and rights, "demon" not only massive new broadcasting package, even provide the opportunity to contact with the Japanese women’s team, the famous Japanese female artist, it can greatly improve the initiative and enthusiasm of the public participation in the rise. In addition,.相关的主题文章:

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