Deputy director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Li Gang meets with overseas Taiwanese delegation in -puritans pride

Deputy director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Li Gang meets with overseas Taiwanese delegation – Beijing News Agency in Beijing on 20 September, (Zhou Qianxian) Li Gang, deputy director of the State Council Office in Beijing on 19 met with overseas Taiwanese delegation. Li Gang appreciated the delegation members to strengthen and expand the network of Taiwan Taiwan Business Association, safeguard the rights and interests of the Taiwan efforts, especially to actively promote cross-strait economic and trade exchanges, made a contribution to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. He stressed that the current development of cross-strait relations more complex, severe, fundamental policy of Taiwan is clear and consistent. The key to maintaining the peaceful development of cross straits relations and peaceful and stable development of the Taiwan Strait lies in whether we can adhere to the political basis of the 92 consensus and resolutely oppose Taiwan independence. Li Gang said, compatriots on both sides of the blood is connected, there is no power can separate us." Subsequently, Li Gang introduced the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office is actively promoting the "Huiqiao project" to the delegation, welcome overseas Taiwanese investment to overseas dream garden business. He mentioned that the "cultural China" with the spring "series of cultural activities," Chinese food prosperity plan "and" Chinese medicine care plan "also achieved good results overseas. "Overseas Chinese is the overseas Chinese home, very happy to open the door, as in the past to provide services for Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese from all walks of life including." Li Gang hopes to participate in the use of Taiwan businessmen, vigorously carry out cross-strait economic and trade cooperation. In particular, will visit the mainland as well as the development and change of what one sees and hears, told Island compatriots and overseas compatriots, bring more Taiwan folks to the mainland to visit and exchange. Head of delegation Lv Chunlin said that overseas investors are concerned about the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. The future will continue to promote Taiwan forces to promote positive interaction between the two sides, mutual benefit and win-win. (end)相关的主题文章:

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