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Devaluation of the RMB devaluation and then want to pay attention to these 4 points! 2016 last holiday has just ended, although the wind during the national day continued to cool, but the domestic small partners outbound heat unabated. Once the exit, it relates to the "money" problem. Intermittent abroad just need to bring the intermittent need "strong dollar swap, RMB exchange rate fluctuations, ordinary investors should put in the hands of the RMB for USD value?" After taking off from Britain, it has been asked investors to finance 360 small series of this problem. 360 small financial advice is simple: as the investment of foreign currency financial swap, but the minimum threshold for foreign currency financial 1 million, does not meet the threshold, and not just the overseas investors, foreign currency financial operability is not strong, little significance. However, for overseas investment and overseas in equal foreign demand is really just a few people; but the sea Amoy, tourism and other short-term demand abroad but especially the nodes in the There are plenty of people who, golden week, a lot of people have intermittent abroad just, so it’s necessary to deal with intermittent foreign currency. Although the renminbi has been SDR into the basket, but out of the country, the foreign exchange or swap. Thaw 360 small study found that you also have knowledge greatly. The foreign currency bank card: dual currency card is better than the single currency card travel safety first, carry a large amount of small foreign currency, or bank card, here the "bank card" refers to the foreign currency bank card. Foreign currency card can be divided into the single currency card and dual currency card, can also be divided into debit card and credit card. Thaw 360 Xiaobian that dual currency card is better than the single currency card, debit card and credit card are the pros and cons of It differs from man to man. The single currency card, deposit and credit are for foreign currency, only suitable for use outside the country, strong limitation; the most common or dual currency card, a card at the same time with the RMB and foreign currency to specify the current settlement account, the domestic RMB as the settlement currency for consumption or cash in foreign currency to specify; the settlement currency for consumption or cash, very convenient. There is little difference and the difference between domestic credit and debit card, dual currency credit card is inside and outside the general credit card in RMB and a specified foreign currency settlement, payment of foreign currency bills in foreign countries can use Renminbi to purchase foreign exchange to repay. Dual currency debit card fee, low deposit interest, but not overdraft; dual currency credit card can be overdrawn, flexible repayment methods, but a higher annual fee. Melt 360 small think, if often in overseas consumption, the choice of dual currency credit card is appropriate; if only occasionally in the overseas consumption, handle double currency debit card can. Swap time: advance swap, to avoid the peak period even though there is a foreign currency bank card, after all is to carry. The real "war" is also started from the swap. Data show that in 2016 the most popular during the national day of the 20 outbound destination, Thailand, Japan, Europe and the United States the most popular Chinese; Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea China, Indonesia, Vietnam and other places are also popular. These countries and regions can be in exchange for money, in the domestic banking outlets, but the process may be very painful swap. During the holidays, the bank has no suspense will usher in a wave peak cash purchase. In the dollar, euro, Canadian dollar and other currencies, even a little "small rat相关的主题文章:

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