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Do not understand the three points alone seen "Blue Dog 2 is not like fireworks" spread by the Tencent and Shaanxi video Nutcracker culture limited company produced, Europe director Tan Kai, Wang Zuhuai, Qin, Wang Chuan, Miao Miao, Ji Cambridge, off network movie starring "Chang Qing dog 2 is a kind of fireworks" Tencent from September 23rd to date 5 days on-line video, click to break 20 million and by the users alike. This film is able to be unanimous praise from all walks of life, the decisive factor lies in the following three points: 2, read "the green dog is not like fireworks" this film users, the three points you must understand, if do not have or haven’t read, go to watch the video of our film Tencent! One point: to Parkour in the form of open youth discourse from the new perspective with your experience is not the same youth "Blue Dog 2 is not like fireworks" the beginning of the film is in the village in the city, in order to help women safety if male male Zi Hu Jiang lost wallet, and the thief launched a fierce chase in the city village environment is complex, crowded, in order to catch the thief, women show "fly over the walls" Parkour skill. The cool appearance, let people full of excitement., also let the audience of this character is full of curiosity. Aspect two: sports will inject elements to the youth film to bring the passion and vitality of youth network movie "different youth dog 2: not the same fireworks" continuation of youth "dog 1" campus youth routes, mainly about a group of sports students in Central China, in order to cardamom years first awakening interest in the opposite sex dream of running the story. It can be said that this is an integration of Parkour and running and includes a sports network movie skateboarding. The film has a large number of sports training and racing scenes, showing us a positive, courageous pursuit of the vitality of the dream of youth. Aspect three: women in the Qin language taught you can tease Han and Qin Yu Liao Mei skills in "green dog 2 is not like fireworks" plays the female lead in network drama rush of that year "" TV drama "smiled very little" have good performance this is a bold breakthrough, himself, who played horns, who plays Ann and Ann if two if male and female roles, adorable woman man switched freely, then lift sister Liao han. She put the deduction and the emotional changes of male Jiang Zi Hu very delicate place. That year we have seventeen to eight, when the youth, a red plastic runway, all run on line on the wanton winged boy, and shy smile girl have cried also as cheerful as a lark, lonely leave bow tears hurt those years we ran crazy, just to see your appreciation of the past the end point like us the health and physical education, we have and you do not like the young in the memory of the time of love on the sentimental romantic, painful choices many things change only the memory of "running on a track team is still better in time相关的主题文章:

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