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Home-and-Family Bullies have always been around however the internet has opened up a whole new realm of bullying called cyber bullying. Cyber-bullies are both adults and children who bully other people online. Cyber-bullying is not always taken seriously however can be very harmful to the victims causing them much distress. Cyber-bullies often spread false rumors about others and go into chat rooms posing as someone else to befriend children. Sometimes the identity of the bully is known however the majority of cyber-bullies hide behind pseudonyms (false names). Parents need to talk openly with their children regarding online safety and protection against cyber-bullies. First of all, encourage the child to talk about any problems they encounter. Encourage them to confide in you or another trusted adult, like a teacher, if they are cyber-bullying. Internet users often have the illusion of anonymity and that is why many people think they can post on the internet whatever they like without thinking too much. Teach your kids how to block e-mail addresses to try to stop the abuse of e-mail. It is not always easy to get the address of a cyber-bully. Instruct your child to save messages that are nasty or scary. Talk to your child about how the experience of cyber-bullying is no different to other types of bullying in that it is both harmful and destructive. Bullies do not often consider the hurt they inflict upon others and merely bully to get a reaction from their victim. However, if your child does not pay attention to or respond to bullying type emails or .ments posted on sites such as Facebook it is highly likely that the cyber-bully will get bored and give up. If the online bullying makes threats against you or your child’s life then further action such as contacting your local Police is essential. Your child may need to discuss their experience of online bullying with either their teacher or principal. The online activities such as this can lead to decreased self-esteem, cause learning disabilities and long-term exposure of abuse and degrading treatment. It is important that the problem of bullying that is occurring be stopped as soon as possible. Some parents end up taking their child out of school and move them to another school however if this problem of bullying is nipped in the bud at an early stage this drastic action may be avoided. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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