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College-University Dissertation Writing Strategies: Understanding and Revision As with all professionally written documents, Dissertation Writing comprises a series of steps to ensure accuracy as well as quality in content delivery of the highest standards. It is important for scholars not only to posses writing skills, but also the ability assesses their work with impartiality and objectivity. Since Dissertation Writing causes strain on the scholar and can be time consuming if it is lengthy, it is important for the scholar to sometimes take a break away from the work and return to it after. By this, the essay can be read from a fresh perspective. To critique ones own work however, can be fairly difficult and therefore, it is recommended for essays to be shown to either peers or professional writers belonging to the same discipline. They can then offer valuable feedback and their comments that will help in improving the dissertation content as well as fill gaps that the dissertation writer may have been unable to find. The final revision draft should convey key points right from the start of the essay, according to Dissertation Writing experts. This is not the opportunity for one to elaborate and draw a picture before telling the reader what they want to convey. Once the main points are established, one can then continue to provide supporting evidence to strengthen their statements. There are occasions where scholars tend to be so dissatisfied with their essays that they decide to rewrite the entire document. There are various reasons for this drastic and most often a regrettable course of action to take. While it is good to be ambitious, one has to consider the consequences before taking this serious step. It is best to consult ones supervisor, especially when one is very close to the deadline for submission of the dissertation. There are incidences where professors have been disappointed with the rewritten work because they felt there was more substance in the original work and all that was required was a bit of polishing to provide the finesse. There are some who presume revision as pinpointing minor errors and proofreading. While that is correct, it is not just the micro view that the scholar has to take into account but also the macro view of the essay in its entirety. The task itself is not as difficult as it sounds, but rather it requires one to carefully analyze the content and ensure the topic is in line the objectives and thesis statements mentioned in the essay. One cannot offer contradictory statements, even if it is an argumentative essay and especially not if it is persuasive one, without providing factual evidence to support them. Even then, the reader may feel confused as to the point of the argument and reject or for lack of clarity and ambiguity. These aspects are not observed during the writing process but when they are re read, and rephrased to form more precise conclusions. It is thus essential for the dissertation writer to invest ample time in the revision of the essay as they have done for research and writing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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