Dongfeng Honda back to the track 2013 is the most difficult year

Dongfeng Honda back to the track: 2013 is the most difficult year to come out from the most difficult in 2013, the three years, Dongfeng Honda’s team how to change their destiny? "The most difficult year, I think, should be 2013." At the end of July, Shanghai, sitting in the car "commune (micro-blog)" before the reporter, Chen Binbo (see figures in the latest news) Dongfeng Honda recalled six years of occupation career. For six years, from 46 to 52 years old, his appearance changed little, forehead wrinkles slightly more, but because of running, but he is more spiritual. But what happened to Chen Binbo was a more subtle change in the heart, and when it came to the past, his voice was low and his voice was calm, and a few years ago he was lost. Although the bumpy road, but in six years time to once again let Dongfeng Honda back to the top. The first 7 months of this year, Dongfeng Honda rose contrarian, this year is the best performance of the joint venture company, the terminal has sold nearly 300 thousand units, and is expected to overtake at the end of the year 500 thousand sales target. From the most difficult to come out in 2013, Dongfeng Honda team how to change their destiny? Why 2013? Because of the impact of 2012 Diaoyu Islands, has been the brainchild of Dongfeng Honda suffered a severe challenge, 2012 new CR-V challenges volkswagentiguan, joint venture products listed in the Ming Si (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) soon obliterate all, 2012 September listed Aili gentry (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) suffered a blow, "Diaoyu Islands crisis" and listed at the end of the ninth generation Civic (ginseng, pictures, inquiry)% Ge, four were high hopes for the products all failed to reach expectations, which makes a difficult year from 2013. "Compared to the product and the external environment, the greater impact is internal." Chen Binbo said, because of the rapid growth from 2006 to 2012 years, Dongfeng Honda from production to sales system has hidden many drawbacks, "over reliance on CR-V products on the market, quickly turn cold less than expected." Chen Binbo said, in the final analysis, there is no real competition for the future to build a comprehensive system of competitiveness." The face inside and out of difficulties, Chen Binbo was very boring, very silent. The company was founded in 2013 July at the ten anniversary of the opening ceremony, Chen Binbo on behalf of the management made the next three years to rebuild a Dongfeng Honda "career plan and development plan, east of the next 10 years to 2023, Dongfeng Honda will reach more than 1 million vehicles a year of production scale, the cumulative users will exceed 10 million. "To tell the truth, the environment at that time, in 2015 to achieve 500 thousand huge pressure, but must be self pressurized, establish the direction of the future, in order to unite the whole company together to work together to achieve." July 27th, Chen Binbo talked about the past three years ago, the sales target of the delay of the year to achieve a year later, but at least everyone knows that this is a clear, can be achieved in the direction of the 500 thousand." Chen Binbo said thanks to the ongoing difficulties of 2012 and 2013,""相关的主题文章:

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