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Donnie Yen offered the first variety show twelve Feng taste   "3" child dog "– entertainment channel —" Twelve Feng taste 3 "fifth in the last night in Zhejiang TV and music as a super TV broadcast, kung fu star Donnie Yen blockbuster franchise, presented a" delicacy "and" Kung Fu "the feast. Donnie Yen’s first talk about love Nicholas Tse second "fan brother" for Donnie Yen, this is his first variety show, usually only see on the big screen of the kung fu star, this rare bright tenderness in ordinary life in variety, Donnie Yen program exposes the husband and wife get along cheats, more personally for the wife to pull the car sushi, a big show of affection, wild dog abuse". "Everyone has a choice of life, and my choice is to be a very traditional family man." Eat plain water, Donnie Yen revealed that he did not seem to be very "Kung Fu" ambition in life to Nicholas Tse. As the successful creation of a "love wife" IP MAN image of Kung Fu actor, Donnie Yen said his outlook on life into the role of the family, wife love is just a part of his life audience "important every day I have been up to, how can I do a better husband, a a better father, because I think I have a lot of deficiencies." In the face of the other guests at ease, Nicholas Tse is in front of Donnie Yen turned up a second "lost brother". Just met Donnie Yen boast "muscle too strong, as long as the lotus hand then said" I have seen the weapon for brother Dan the best looking person." Thick fans simply can not resist. On the road in search of inspiration delicacy of Kyoto, Nicholas Tse took on the martial arts master Donnie Yen’s admiration, together with Donnie Yen forging sword, even Exhibition "Daogong" competition, the road and the road of the blending of Kung Fu delicacy, is overwhelmed with admiration for. "Zhengkua ex girlfriend limited liability company" will be broadcast on Lu Qi Ren dating stories in addition, LETV also launched a new variety show "Zhengkua ex girlfriend limited liability company", seen from the show, the show is a large-scale open, not only emotional advisor Lu Qi, and excellent figure the company CIO boss, Cougar front, "male demon CFO" etc.. Qi a straightforward style of popular acclaim, it is enough to play a gimmick, full of surprise. In addition, the music, as well as regular organization lucky members came to the whole collapse of the company, personally experience the whole collapse of the company business, online + line interactive mode caused no small repercussions. It is reported that the new variety show will be on October 11th in the music as a super TV and music as the exclusive online video! Nicholas Donnie Yen pulled Nicholas Donnie Yen pulled Yuen Wo Ping Yuen Wo Ping praised Yuen Wo Ping praised Nicholas Nicholas Donnie Yen Nicholas Tse (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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