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Email-Marketing Avoid making some of the most common email marketing mistakes by staying up to date with the latest online strategies. By integrating your sales content with appropriate social media channels, you can create a robust email marketing program that drives increased sales. How to Sidestep Social Media Mistakes The ideal B2B email marketing outreach targets a specific group of customers with content that spans several channels. For example, your program may include regular blog articles and social media posts in addition to direct email. According to Jessica Miller-Merrell of Talent Circles, your content should focus on industry-specific topics that provide thought-provoking, in-depth information. It should provide value to your target audience. Narrowing your approach also narrows your general social network appeal, but since your goal is to reach a specific demographic, focused marketing makes sense. By using each available marketing channel to its best advantage, you can avoid social media mistakes. You shouldn’t post detailed product descriptions on Twitter, where brevity is key, but you should provide full information on your company website. Avoid blogger burnout by pacing yourself. Dont commit to unrealistic goals like writing a blog article a day. You will quickly run out of time, topics and motivation. Instead, set an attainable goal like posting a new article on your blog once per week. Your content will be fresher, more pertinent and more likely to attract loyal readers. Avoiding Email Errors These same concepts hold true for email marketing. Robust, relevant content and a realistic schedule make your B2B emails more effective. Your email newsletter should be more closely focused than the information on your website. It helps to visualize your email marketing campaign as a funnel. Your website is the widest point of the funnel, and it contains general information for everyone. Your marketing software program tracks your site visitors to see where their interests lie. It then funnels these visitors into more narrow groups, matching customized content to their personal interests. As they open their customized newsletters and interact by clicking on specific links, the software funnels them further into focused niches that call for even more specific information. Your overall aim is to open up a dialog between potential customers and your company, which leads to direct contact and sales. Obtain your recipients permission to send them newsletters before you start. Theyll be watching for your email and will be likely to open it. Your percentage of opened emails affects your Gmail reputation, lessening the likelihood that your newsletters wind up as junk mail. Make it easy for visitors to opt into your newsletter by placing a sign-up link in your websites scrolling header box. Keep a sharp focus on your email marketing, and resist the impulse to send the same content to everyone. Remember that specifically speaking to what each client cares about is the best way to establish a two-way conversation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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