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Double 11 online shopping Raiders to buy Air Purifiers don’t just stare the price range 11 large electricity providers to promote only 3 days, I believe that many users have begun to hoard goods. Recently, many people have been affected by the haze began to focus on air purifiers. Today, the world wide web home network will bring in the double eleven, bring the purchase strategy for purifier everyone, let everyone know what to buy air purifier products! Double 11 online shopping purifier which may encounter pits? Virtual standard prices (the first price and then the price of gifts) do not enjoy three bags of ultra low-cost promotions (old product clearance) each year during the double 11 will have to carry out promotional activities for many platforms, often buy appliances must be aware of friends, to a large-scale promotional activities, some of the price of goods is particularly attractive, great promotion to people sleep is in the bargain. In fact, this is a means of promotion of the business, the price difference from the other side of the consumer’s desire to buy, but you do not buy goods when it is not, that is, there is often a case of goods not board. If you want to start during the 11 double air purifier, you may wish to shop than in the three, in a number of large electronic business platform, the line stores channels after comparing prices, and then decide whether to buy their own. How to choose a good air purifier? How do you define it? Enough is good! Good and not expensive! It is not a function of a variety of online shopping cheaper than the line, but also home delivery, so there are more and more users are accustomed to online shopping. Double 11 is a good sales node, if it is a big brand of product promotion, or worth buying. In March 1st this year, the formal implementation of the new national standard air purifier, which is a good thing for a technology company, because of the impact of the new standard of them is relatively small, but for small businesses, may be a serious test, may be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. During the delisting, these companies may once again use a variety of holidays for product promotion. Just double 11 is a critical point, some brands may be clearing activities, low-cost sales of old products. It is recommended that consumers buy air purifiers, do not just look at the price, look at the production date, CADR value, CCM value, energy efficiency and noise etc., try to choose Beijing energy subsidies, the new national standard products. Filter type purifier & electrostatic integration who better? A late replacement filter costs, and the other has the possibility of leakage of ozone, rational demand for air purifiers to buy according to the needs of the few universal, consumers should be based on the actual needs of choice. Try to choose a professional air purifier brand. Because of these long-term research and development of pure air products, technology and concepts are more advanced, more secure purification effect is an ideal choice. If it is a new renovation of the house, we must choose the formaldehyde and benzene and other organic matter purification ability of the product, if it is to live in the house for many years, the family has children, the elderly, you need to focus on the bactericidal effect. If it is intended to be used during haze again, then choose a high CADR value of the product is better. HEPA net type air purifier can filter out pollutants in the air, small particles can not pass. They need to be cleaned or replaced regularly, there is a late replacement filter costs, if the replacement price.相关的主题文章:

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