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Drill + electric screwdriver in the tool! DIY electric drill and electric screwdriver enthusiasts essential every DIY fans are some commonly used electric tools, the former is responsible for drilling, which is used to tighten the screws. Although the two tools can save us a lot of time, but sometimes you often need to use them at the same time, and switching back and forth will make people feel very troublesome. But in fact, as long as a clever design, both can be made one. WORX WX176L is such a & drill; electric screwdriver combo tool, its front end is a rotatable disk, respectively is above drill and screwdriver head. When you play with a drill hole, can be rotated 180 degrees to switch to electric screwdriver, screwdriver directly on the head of the screw, it eliminates the need for frequent replacement of tools. WX176L built a 12 speed motor, whether electric drill or electric screwdriver mode can provide sufficient speed, to finish your work. The front of the LED lamp can also help you see the operating position in the dim light environment. WX176L also has a 20V lithium battery, can provide about 2 hours of endurance, charging time is 5 hours. Print specification: 22.9 x 8.9 x 21.6 cm weight: 2.22 kg power: lithium battery voltage: 20V average life: 2 hours: * * * BUY index for DIY lovers, this combo brings convenient tools for absolutely no small attraction. Buy the way: American Amazon reference price: $98.45 (about 657 yuan) [that you are a prodigal child! Come with us to break off, Buy home to buy buy buy! Let these small things to meet your life in the small lucky. ]相关的主题文章:

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