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The driver accident caused 3 dead 14 years hiding the death of his father did not dare to go home to hide the original title: 14 years of the death of his father did not dare to go home China Xianyang daily news (reporter Xue Wang) 14 Shandong man gemou lived in hiding, the death of his father did not dare to go home…… The original 14 years ago, he drove the truck to the West copper high-speed, and the front stop due to traffic accidents in the overtaking lane 3 trucks rear end chain collided, killing 3 people, and he escapes in the injured during treatment. Serious overloading the road brake failure caused 3 people dead and landing a stone in my heart finally!" Yesterday, the Sanyuan County Detention Center, 14 year exile gemou sigh. September 25, 2002 at 3 pm, a large truck driving gemou Yu B license in Tongchuan pulled a coal car back to Shandong, high-speed traveling from north to south along the west of copper to K48+600M, and the front stop due to traffic accidents in the overtaking lane Zhang Shan J driving big trucks, Liu driving Shaanxi E large cargo vehicle pay and driving a large truck rear end collision Shaanxi B serial. Accident led to the driver of a truck ride Ge Wang, Zhou died on the spot, Zhou’s wife died on the way to hospital. In addition, gemou and Shaanxi J truck driver Zhang, a manhole is injured, 4 vehicles damaged in varying degrees. At the time of the incident, Ge holds his brother’s driver’s license. After identification, the cause of the accident is a serious driving on the road to a truck overloaded, resulting in brake failure, ge a full responsibility for the accident. Surprisingly, the right leg comminuted fracture of Ge during the treatment of escape. The use of his name to the station by car to Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment brigade accident high chief Yuan Qunguo said that in November last year, Shaanxi Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police will be transferred to the larger road traffic accident which killed 3 people to Xianyang Jiaotong team. Before the transfer of the Corps has made a warrant for ge. Xianyang Jiaotong team after receiving the case immediately set up a task force, the police removed Shandong Heze, Qingdao Henan and Zhengzhou, Nanyang and other places, master gemou whereabouts and settlements. This year the evening of November 12th, police months of waiting and master a clue in Fangcheng County Bowang town of Nanyang city residence gemou gemou 13 day: going out for delivery. Then in coordination with local police, on gemou via sections set up dispatched, on the 13 day at 12 noon will be arrested gemou. Yuan Qunguo said, gemou was arrested without any resistance to traffic accident confessed, expressed regret. Gemou escape from the hospital after the divorce with his wife, has been hiding in the Bowang town established a new home. He usually did not dare to go to the station by car, go out to use his brother’s name, a few years ago, his father died, he did not dare to go home. At present, gemou suspicion of traffic accident crime jingfangxingju. Lawyers say escape heavier punishment or compensation increased according to the present standards to calculate Shaanxi Qin’s lawyer Li Zhifeng said, in the criminal aspect, because of the traffic accident crime and 14 years ago in sentencing and the standard is not what changes, the suspects escape being caught, added a heavier punishment plot, must be a heavy sentence point. If the driver with the families of the victims to reach a compensation agreement, can be used as a lighter punishment consideration, in sentencing, 2相关的主题文章:

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