Driver training the first post pay contract issued Fujian driving years for a new

Driver training the first post pay contract issued Fujian driving years for a new contract recently, the Ministry of transport, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "motor vehicle driver training learning before payment, timing and charging mode service contract (model text)", will be officially implemented in October 1st. Fujian Provincial Transportation Bureau said that before the end of the year, our province the use of standardized service contract of the driver training institutions to achieve 60% proportion. The Provincial Transportation Authority training department concerned, standardized service contract mainly includes the following contents. Clear training hours and fees. Requirements for driver training institutions listed training service content and the school the school fees in different stages and different periods, the theory of knowledge training, service fees and other charges and other details of payment, ensure student training costs truly open and transparent. Define the rights and obligations of both parties. Driving school found driver training institutions irregularities in the training management process, has the right to ask the driver training institutions to correct, and can refuse to pay the corresponding period of training costs. The driver should provide true and effective personal information, and strictly abide by the provisions of the training institutions, training, appointment requirements. Driver training institutions to learn to drive the person fails to deal with the relevant formalities or pay for the training costs, may suspend the provision of follow-up training services. Training institutions should strengthen the protection of personal information to learn driving, publicity of the basic information of coaches and the quality of training services for the driver to choose the situation, and provide training invoices. Clear the termination of the contract and the liability for breach of contract. Including staff training institutions to learn to drive the training hours, the data was put forward to learn driving people resort to deceit, after refusing to correct; people learn to drive in the training process, seriously affects the teaching safety and teaching order of 7 Parties to terminate the contract situation. In addition, the two sides also require both parties to standardize the agreement due to breach of contract training payments are not liquidated. A clear solution to the dispute. The consultations did not reach an agreement, the training institutions where the motor vehicle driver training industry association or the Consumer Association mediation, litigation or arbitration commission and to the corresponding training institutions are located in the jurisdiction of the people’s court. >相关的主题文章:

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