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Dating Meeting women in daytime environments is a great alternative for bar and club environments. You strike up a conversation with a girl in a book store, talk for a few minutes, and you leave with a phone number. It really is that easy. However, there is one mistake that a lot of guys make when they want to try to meet women using "day game." One .mon mistake guys make when it .es meeting and attracting women in daytime environments is that their goal is to get as many numbers as possible. While the majority of time you will leave with a phone number, your mindset and goals should not be to collect a bunch of cell numbers. Those are in itself are not worth much. Can you sleep with a number? No! The phone number is merely a logistical tool to .municate with a woman. Nothing more. Also, women give out their numbers a lot. Sometimes even out of politeness knowing that they will never go out the guy. Other times to blow off the guy in a nice way (with a fake digits). Instead, what you want to have is .mitments from women to go out on a date with you. As a result of her .mitting to see you again, you get her cell number. When you are interacting with a woman (from a cold approach), you want to make plans with her right then and there. Think of setting up the date as the "transaction" and the receipt of it is the contact number. If a woman is not even willing to .mit to see you again, you will know two things right away: she is not attracted to you enough and if you do get her phone number she will not go out with you anyway. The opposite is also true. If she is .mitted to see you again, you know for sure that she is attracted to you and she wants to see you again. Now that you understand why getting women .mitted to see you again is important, here is a simple illustration how to use it. As you are hitting it off with a woman, what you want to do figure out is when she is available to go out with you, e.g. for drinks (make sure it is casual). Pick the day she is free to meet up again and then get her phone number. Below is an example: Guy: So Joanne, what are your plans the next couple days? Girl: I have some plans with friends on Wednesday and Friday, not so sure about Thursday. Guy: Great, let’s meet up for drinks on Thursday night. I know a great place where they serve really good wine. How do you feel about that? Girl: Yes, sounds like fun. Guy: Let me get your contact number and I’ll let you know about the time and place. Girl: Ok my phone number is ……. It really is that simple. If you get a lot of flakey numbers (meaning you’re trying to meet up with a girl through texts and phone calls, but she doesn’t want to), one of the best ways to fix this problem is by first having women .mitting to see you again before you get her phone number. Try it and see how you many more dates you will be getting. If you are interested in meeting women outside bars and clubs, you should definitely check out the book Daytime Dating . The book is about how to properly meet and attract women in daytime environments and this is one of the techniques discussed in the book. There are more step-by-step tips and techniques for picking up women in daytime environments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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