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Choose electric water heater to consider the details of family purchase water storage type electric water heater, the first thing to consider is the brand, capacity, liner, safety and other factors. Home improvement reminder, in addition to the above purchase requirements, family members of the water habits, home appliances, and equipment maintenance costs, but also to buy water storage electric water heater should not be overlooked details. Some families choose to buy water storage type electric water heater, the capacity should be greater as possible. However, from the installation and after-sale feedback situation, referring to the family’s water habits, can be more reasonable to determine the size of the capacity to avoid excessive volume of electric water heaters, take up too much space, excessive consumption of electricity. It is recommended to calculate the bath time and water consumption of each family member, and calculate the capacity of the water heater. Shower head and socket in the bathroom with bath, and the purchase of water storage type electric water heater reference details. Shower nozzle style and water, directly determines the consumption of water in the water heater. When the choice, it is best not to use the head type shower nozzle; the use of hand-held shower nozzle, but also to try to shorten the distance between the pipeline length or shower nozzle and electric water heater. If the wiring inside the bathroom socket is not standardized, for security reasons, may be the first to use household heating water storage type electric water heater, then off, then shower nozzle discharge influence becomes more and more important. At present, most of the water storage type electric water heater needs regular maintenance. A lot of water storage electric water heaters are declared free of charge, but in fact, free part of the labor costs, does not include the installation of material costs. Also, a lot of water storage type electric water heater needs regular cleaning, replacement of devices in use, manufacturers have years ranging from free door-to-door service commitment, but most do not include all kinds of detergents and other materials. Therefore, consumers should ask what services are free, which items are charged. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) water heater service "mystery" buy designated brands installed faster than purchased brand相关的主题文章:

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