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The typhoon has eleven long "arrival" will not leave a super typhoon "Meranti" and "malakas" so many buddy autumn holidays ruined, so in the eyes of the National Day holiday can play happily? Xiaobian to tell heavy buddies a message, and if it is double typhoon to Yi ruo! The National Day holiday may not double Yi ruo! The National Day this year could be assured of Hi, to see the 17 typhoon "catfish" face! The seventeenth typhoon "catfish", English Megi, the name comes from South Korea, name of a fish. "Catfish" will not live up to its name, it will be in a vast expanse of water in wanton wandering, and like a catfish slimy, unable to catch, not a good prediction. This "catfish" has been the United States Navy numbered 96w. Within the next 2-5 days, the probability of a tropical cyclone will be increased to about 90%. In other words, it will soon be reported on the account, in the next 2-5 days to generate! Your National Day holiday is dangerous! The typhoon embryos is in the distant west of the Marshall Islands, about 4600 kilometers away from Fuzhou and. Do a math problem: if it is 20 kilometers per hour speed to the direction of Fuzhou, how many days rushed to Fuzhou? The answer is, just one day before the national day. So it is not authorized, the National Day typhoon is a catfish! Europe and the United States are now super computer think it will affect our country, eight has already drawn up! From the pictures, the embryo catfish, is rich in nutrition, big cloud, spanning nearly 2000 kilometers. Typhoon monitoring and analysis: 96W is still in the early stage of tropical disturbance, and there is no obvious cyclonic rotation structure. However, medium and small scale convection near the center is very active! The typhoon monitoring information shows that at present, "catfish" generation position near and later it moves in the direction of the basic path of SST over 30 DEG C, is extremely advantageous to enhance the strength of the late "catfish". From the NCEP global numerical weather forecast can be seen in the figure, "catfish" late sea-level pressure isoline is so dense, indicates that in the process of its body a long, cold waters in the Pacific Ocean from moranti left back, in the southern hemisphere, India ocean water vapor will come running to eat it look, the indicators are very high, this shows that the future will be a big catfish with strong typhoon, super typhoon is an inattentive. So, the influence of catfish National Day holiday, it can not be ignored! That history always repeats itself. In 2010, the thirteenth typhoon called "catfish", reached super typhoon level. It is particularly worth mentioning is that before it landed in Philippines, the prediction mechanism and model almost all that it will continue to move to the West or north west direction in the South China Sea, but the actual situation is after it passed Philippines, suddenly moved north a near 90° the big turning point, finally landing between Fujian and guangdong. The transition so that model and forecasting agencies almost all surprise. Five years later, with the continuous improvement of forecasting technology, I believe that with the current technology, the possibility of such a large prediction errors occur again. But we still can’t relax. The key question now is, how exactly will affect our catfish?)相关的主题文章:

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