Email Marketing Opt In Rates How You Can Increase Conversions To Gain More

Internet-Marketing You should aim for a higher than 50% opt-in rate for your squeeze (capture) pages. There are many things you can do to increase these email marketing opt in rates and gain more potential customers. The first thing you can do is to ensure you offer a very attractive gift for them to exchange their info for. Remember, people will not just sign up for vague updates or a newsletter, nearly as often as they will signup for something they can download right then, like a free eBook, audio, or software. Software .panies have known this for years. That’s why they always focus on free trials and having the customer place in their information to get the download. You can do the same thing that has made many billions, by employing the same strategy in your business. The second thing you can do to increase your email marketing opt in rates is to ensure your landing page is benefits focused. This means what’s in it for the customer, not what your giveaway product does (those are called features and no one cares too much!) Think of it this way. Would the customer rather have a car because it had a new platinum battery, or because it never broke down on them and left them stranded on a dark road? More the latter! That’s the benefit to them. So, keep your landing page simple with about 3-5 bullet points about the top benefits of the giveaway item, that they will be able to realize quickly upon putting in their information. People like fast. Third, make it tangible. Place a clear and attractive image representing your gift, almost like they can reach out and touch it! This may just make their mouths water and their fingers move to put in their info! Remember at the end of the day in everything you do, you are solving their problems. Fourth, test slightly different versions of your squeeze pages against each other and see which ones produce better results. (eg: higher percentage of opt-ins). One free and easy tool to use is called the Google Website Optimizer. It’s free, just search that phrase in Google. What you’re looking for is called the A/B split test. All it means is that it generates a special code, which rotates page version A then B, for each subsequent visit, and then shows you the percentage results each one is achieving. You will quickly know which version is performing better, then all you need do is ditch the loser, and take the winner, save it as a new version and change it slightly. Then perform another test. Just keep doing this split testing (as it’s called) over and over, each time you get say 200 or more visitors. Soon you’ll have at least 50% opt ins, and hopefully a lot more! So, in summary just remember to provide good value up front that solves real problems, and to test your results, always improving. Do this and soon you will have a huge list of appreciative customers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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