Endless adventure! The brave adventure second season finale with open competition! www.70qq.cn

Endless adventure! "The brave adventure" second season finale with open competition! Although reluctant, but the ending of "brave adventure" the second season is coming! In the second season finale "October 14th just aired" reverse, multi forces gathering Island large array, hundred years of disputes coming in this cut. Tu, rock work against BOSS and shen! How to plan what body and conspiracy? Ann is able to rock Tu officially joined the T.H.A? Tu can find their own parents? To find answers to all this let us in 2017 launched a "brave adventure" in the third quarter! Brave adventure, world without end! Watch the animation address: 1: 3000 soft currency +500 Q + mystery award 5 outstanding people around the package: 1000 soft currency +200 Q + mystery gift micro-blog around the popularity award 10: 100 COINS more people contest details, please view the event page: events 41 or micro-blog search topic # brave adventure people #相关的主题文章:

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