Escalation of the accident, pregnant women to iphone7 charging lead to severe burns – Sohu Technolog nrf905

The accident and then upgrade the pregnant women to charge iPhone7 cause severe burns – Sohu technology iPhone’s recent bad news always frequently broke, yesterday just finished talking automatic shutdown accident of mobile phone, today a spontaneous combustion accident iPhone. A man named Peraz (Melanie Tan Pelaez) Australia pregnant women during the night, iPhone 7 will be on the bed in the morning, suddenly charging, mobile phone peripheral items on fire, and cause serious burns Peraz right arm. As can be seen from the picture, Peraz arm appeared a large burn marks, and afterwards she carefully check the cause of the fire, that is being charged iPhone 7 caused. Perac then contacted the local Apple retail stores, Apple employees denied that the accident was caused because of this mobile phone, because mobile phone no abnormal taste. But then another person in charge of Apple said it was investigating the incident, and will be sent to the United States to check the phone to California. It is worth noting that iPhone 7 spontaneous combustion accidents not first, as early as the end of October, the same happened in Australia, a surfing instructor iPhone 7 will be placed in the car, then the mobile phone will burn up, they came close to the burning car accident. Even more ridiculous is that a few days ago, a Yunnan user iPhone 7 Plus accidentally fell on the ground actually occurred battery explosion accident. But like the mobile phone charging at night the occurrence of spontaneous combustion accident that you have seen a lot of news before, not just the apple mobile phone, mobile phone batteries may be a small probability of accident itself, many users love before going to bed to charge a mobile phone, no matter how far away from their own word to remind you, night sleep for charging the mobile phone, or to avoid overnight charging.相关的主题文章:

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