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Everbright Securities: buy Internet [] Ding macro inflation pressure decreased significantly, the prices of industrial products continued to rise CPI dropped significantly, PPI year decline narrowed significantly to. Inflation year on year growth compared with the expected value of the larger gap between the data and the data from the same period, and the market is generally the same as the chain data projections. Inflation pressure basically no worries, industrial prices rebounded to improve corporate profits. As the economy continues to decline from steady growth to the inflection point, the trend of industrial price trend will change. While the price of industrial products continued to decline from the level of shock will bring marginal improvement in the profits of industrial enterprises, and thus the formation of cyclical stock price support. [industry analysis]? Direct channels open up, risk capital allocation will play a wave of Hong Kong rain: unlimited direct channels open up, risk capital allocation for Hong Kong stocks enthusiasm outlet. Preliminary estimates, the current round of the Hong Kong stock market will bring about 250 billion yuan of new funds. At the same time, with an average annual premium income of 2-2.5 trillion incremental calculation, to estimate the proportion of insurance funds are expected to increase the amount of 270-350 billion yuan investment in Hong Kong stocks. A heaven-made match: the Hong Kong stock market is an ideal investment market risk capital; incremental long-term investors most need venture capital is the Hong Kong stock market. Feng Qi Indus: the short term insurance funds will focus on Shanghai and Hong Kong within the scope of population dividend. We believe that, although the weight of blue chip is expected to continue to benefit from the insurance funds into the market of the dividend policy, but we have more recommendations concern: with growth and long-term investment value of stable high dividend subject and the subject of Shanghai and Hong kong. Polycarbonate industry can be sustained profitability huge capacity of the market is China polycarbonate industry a hotly contested spot; the downstream terminal application of consumption upgrade and structural adjustment to ensure that the polycarbonate consumption growth; foreign capacity continued to exit the general level of product market, improve the supply and demand pattern after the industry rebound; upstream price action on the lack of bisphenol A polycarbonate industry, sustained profitability to date; domestic warlords coveted import substitution space " the early bird catches the worm; " we recommend advanced rate field, with large-scale production capacity, is expected to achieve product differentiation of enterprises. The corresponding investment targets: *ST River, Wanhua chemical. The first half of Nirvana rebirth nonferrous metal metal prices strong counterattack, eye-catching performance of lithium zinc tin price. Nonferrous Metals in the first half performance improved significantly, gross margin significantly improved. Aluminum, gold, lithium plate to enhance the performance of the most obvious. We are still optimistic about the future of zinc, tin plate. We are still optimistic about the main logic of zinc is 1) foreign mining production cut off 2) domestic environmental protection is more stringent) downstream demand to pick up 3. Zinc ore supply is currently in short supply, is expected to be gradually transferred to the fine zinc market in the future. Key recommendations focus on pure mining enterprises, Tibet Mount Everest and the new mining. We are still optimistic about the main logic of tin is 1) in Burma, the rainy season, the supply of slow down, the strict control of tin exports in Indonesia, 2) domestic environmental tightening, is expected to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity. Focus on the recommendations of the tin industry leading shares, tin shares. [buy] rating company Ding Internet company announced major shareholder and actual controller to complete the reduction plan, the reduction after the end of Tongding group and concerted action Shen Xiaoping still hold together.相关的主题文章:

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