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Exposure to Chongqing high-speed Internet access to the Internet can not answer the question of the police: no relevant policies – Sohu News reported that the original law can be sold out, do not trust relationship, we must tell friends!" Recently, a high-speed illegal web pages can be sold free of charge, the net posts in the circle of friends WeChat heat transfer. The article also detailed notes to revoke the illegal recording procedure – login public security network click "user center", find "highway traffic violation query", fill in the license plate number and the vehicle identification number to check illegal recording. Fill in the mobile phone number and license number, enter the driving theory test page. Answer 10 questions about the high-speed driving, answer 9 questions, even qualified. The law has been revoked. The end of the text also reminded that each driver can only enjoy once a year, must be 4 points below the law. The heat it seems reasonable, so many people believe. Illegal on the road, you can answer free sales points? This is the net posts fly it? To this end, the reporter contacted the District Public Security Bureau police detachment. At present, only a few areas of the country such as Zhejiang province for minor traffic violations, launched a number of relief policy points." Police said that Zhejiang allows the driver to answer the question once a year is not more than 4 minutes of illegal, but there are a lot of specific provisions. Present stage. Chongqing does not have the relevant answer sub policy, all illegal owners still need to deal with in accordance with the provisions.相关的主题文章:

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