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Facebook alleged hate speech de laissez faire prosecutors investigating Zuckerberg and other executives – Beijing Facebook alleged the prosecution of hate speech laissez faire de Zuckerberg and other executives to start a new agency survey in Berlin in November 4, according to German media reported on 4, the social networking site Facebook (Facebook) on suspicion of murder and violence, as there is massacre defense speech, German prosecutors in Munich has been officially on Facebook founder and CEO Mark · Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sandberg and other executives to start the investigation. German "Der Spiegel" online disclosure 4, this is the German judiciary for the first time to investigate the Facebook executives. The investigation was launched in Munich, Germany, on suspicion of inciting hatred". The subjects of the investigation include face book founder Zuckerberg, COO Sandberg, the head of the European policy, ·,, Berlin office,, head of Eva-Maria, such as Kirschsieper. As early as more than a year ago, the face of the book had been allowed to indulge in their hatred of information flooding in Germany was criticized. Germany’s ruling coalition Party Parliamentary Group Chairman Volker Kauder in October this year, when called, if Facebook failed to delete these hate speech in a week, you should be fined a maximum of 50 thousand euros. Maas, Germany’s attorney general, has set a deadline for Facebook and other social networking sites for March 2017. He asked for information on the status of these sites to be changed. The prosecution filed charges of a lawyer Chan-jo Jun of Bavaria, Wuerzburg. German media pointed out that the face of the book has been informed of the user in the case of illegal content, the obligation to delete it. Chan-jo Jun lawyers listed in the list of allegations, although the contents of the above have been repeatedly asked to delete, but the face of the book is still allowed to exist. At the beginning of this year, procuratorate Hamburg for similar reasons to have Zuckerberg and others filed charges, but due to being considered outside the German judicial jurisdiction, the case has settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. However, according to Reuters, the Munich prosecutors investigating the case does not agree with the jurisdiction of the case. A spokesman for Facebook said it would not comment on the investigation, but said the allegations were "meaningless" and insisted that Facebook or its employees had not violated German law. (end)相关的主题文章:

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