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"Father and son" send ultimate notice Aarif Lee Oolong dangdie – Sohu sperm embarrassed entertainment "very" father and son "father and son on the" ultimate poster Aarif Lee "own sperm" embarrassed when Dad, "Mason Mun across the ocean to find the parent Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Cao Zhenmo, Aarif Lee, Kim Ha Neul, starring Mason Mun, Damian Lau, Lv Zhong King-Tan Yuen, portrait of joining the carnival comedy" father and son "the ultimate poster exposure trailer. Aarif Lee "own sperm" embarrassed when Dad, Mason Mun "transoccanic seeking father" Adorable "son" into the heavens, Kim Ha Neul winner.     three generation son kill love "Aarif Lee in" dire straits "" father and son "focus on the social hot spots, tells the story of Aarif Lee’s big boy Zhou Liyan and Mason Mun plays Gu Taifeng’s teenage boy genius warm multinational father and son. The release of the ultimate poster with a dreamy style shows the very son "on kill", "big eyes" Adorable "VS male gods magic eye" Adorable warm index baopeng. The ultimate trailer to be full of suspense, aspect intensive style shows the three generations of father and son love to kill". Notice of the film, Aarif Lee plays a week Liyan beginning in plagiarism dispute, and father (Damian Lau ornaments) the relationship is also quite nervous, tit for tat. On the other hand, the face suddenly came to the door of "ocean son" tricks "abuse of father, he is almost overwhelming. Plus "to make light of travelling a thousand li child his mother Gu Meiyan (Kim Ha Neul ornaments), like guards aunt (King-Tan Yuen ornaments), majestic wise grandmother (Lv Zhongshi) Aarif Lee, the situation can be described as in" dire straits ". In this adorable baby and dad Lengjiong high teenage boy tease Daddy "and" anti up "operations, it is of frequent, striking one snag after another. "With the first-class team together together to create" Carnival "according to the film side," father and son "self photographed for three years on. In the nearest point mapping activities, "father and son" received the identification of the majority of fans: "warning of childbearing age Pro reading really have to" baby "with the whole family to see there is no sense of violation and"…… The movie "father and son" will be released in November 4th.相关的主题文章:

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