Fed ticket Committee Meister the pace of interest rate hike is expected to be gradual-musiland

FED ticket commission Meister: it is expected that the pace of interest rate increases will be gradual Huitong network February 5th hearing – Thursday (February 4th), chairman of the Cleveland fed FOMC ticket commission Meister (Loretta Mester) said the U.S. economic outlook and monetary policy speech, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates will be gradual pace, and pointed out that the Fed’s current monetary policy can be to deal with the risk. Meister said he was surprised that the high oil output would keep oil prices low for so long, and that the oil price downturn was longer than expected, so a 2% inflation target could take longer. Meister stressed that the decline in oil prices means that the U.S. inflation downturn is longer than expected, but inflation will slowly rise to 2% of the expectations is reasonable. Meister pointed out that the steady development of the U.S. economy is mainly due to the strong employment market and income increase, saying that if the stock market does not fall rapidly for a long time, it will not damage the U.S. economic outlook. Meister believes that the recent market volatility will not change the U.S. economic outlook, but it does bring some risks. The economic development of the United States will overcome market turbulence and regional instability. At the same time, it is too early to adjust the expectations of the U.S. economy, the Fed will pay close attention to the impact of the Chinese market to the world. In addition, Meister agreed to stop reinvesting after the federal funds rate reached 1%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

FED票委梅斯特:预计加息步伐将循序渐进   汇通网2月5日讯——周四(2月4日),美国克里夫兰联储主席、FOMC票委梅斯特(Loretta Mester)就美国经济前景和货币政策发表讲话时表示,预计美联储的加息步伐将循序渐进,并指出美联储当前的货币政策能够很好的应对风险。   梅斯特表示,其惊讶于原油高产出会使油价保持在低位的时间如此之长,油价低迷的时间要长于预期,因而达成2%的通胀目标可能需要更长的时间。梅斯特强调,油价下跌意味着美国通胀低迷的时间长于预期,但是,通胀将缓慢升至2%的预期是合理的。   梅斯特指出,美国经济稳固发展主要得益于强劲的就业市场及收入增加,称股市若不长久快速下跌就不会损及美国经济前景。   梅斯特认为近期市场波动并不会改变美国经济前景,但确实带来了一定风险。表示美国经济发展将克服市场动荡和地区不稳。同时指出目前调整对美国经济的预期为时过早,美联储将会密切关注中国市场给全球带来的影响。   此外,梅斯特表示赞同在联邦基金利率达到1%后停止再投资。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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