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Feng Xiaogang: Fan Bingbing can play well, I can show the strength of "I am not Pan Jinlian" by Feng Xiaogang Fan Bingbing was again the cooperation of the Tencent in Guangzhou Jinan University (the entertainment news on October 13th, Shao) Guo Degang, Liu Zhenyun attended the "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the Jinan University in Guangzhou held a preview and discussion. The film preview students received a strong response from the audience, laughter, applause, in his speech, Feng Xiaogang said previously for this and he had completely different style works a little worried, "now worry is unnecessary". Let Fan Bingbing play the female lead is a selfish discussion, the students asked why Feng Xiaogang would choose not what good works in the lead actress Fan Bingbing, Feng Xiaogang responded: "at that time to choose actor Li Xuelian, many users are recommended to me, Xun Zhou Zhang Ziyi, Chen Yao Bai Baihe, the acting. The only thing they don’t think Fan Bingbing can, which greatly inspired me, actually I am selfish. What does she have to do with me? Under my guidance, you can not play a good actor, to show my strength, right?" Feng Xiaogang said: "there is no such thing as love or hate. Twelve years ago, Fan Bingbing’s first movie "mobile phone" is what I shot, but also the works of liu. I found out that she had a very good understanding, acting on the spot and Ge You to play together, you know that Ge You acting is very strong. Twelve years later, in fact, Bing Bing and Li Xuelian is a fate, I and she is also a fate. For the first time, the "mobile phone" (the film version of the TV Version) took a supporting role, and this time take the prize." To own this new, Feng Xiaogang’s self evaluation is: "to create a new height, is a comedy and having substance in speech, he acknowledged that he had made some nonsense comedy, big smile, Feng Xiaogang said he will continue to film:" I’m 60 it took more than a few years old, movie, the movie didn’t realize how to make a movie, I in 1958, 58 years old this year, there is an example in front of Eastwood, photographed at the age of 88, I should also take 20 years". Special Chinese circular composition of my age is like "I am not Pan Jinlian" the extensive use of the circular frame, only small part of a square frame, and for the unique painting, photography team composition were also exquisite design, look after themselves, to reason, to the design of Feng Xiaogang said: "see Liu’s feeling is very complex, on the one hand it is particularly realistic, if it is It is quite common for daily life, like the people I know, but I think it is particularly absurd, if special realistic way to shoot, do not seem to. To take a picture of the absurd, the circle is particularly absurd." "The other is that this is a special Chinese story, the story of Li Xuelian, North Korea and the United States are not appropriate, this is our thousands of years of human society to the rule of law in the social transformation of a very axis of the story of the people. For example, this argument is not official legal society, so special China story is not looking for Chinese format? The Song Dynasty was a lot of circles "相关的主题文章:

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