Fight mom era when the mother had ten core education core

Fight mom era when the mother had ten core skills to fight the core idea to enter the fight father, fight mom". For children to do manual work, take the children to participate in various training courses, organize the party between the students, and even help the teacher published papers…… When these options become a test of the mother’s levels, as family education Party ", how to distinguish between right and wrong, the children create a healthy environment? When mom had to "ten things"? "If a female friend no longer contact you, there are three possibilities – one is she died, the two is her mother, and the three is her child to school age." This popular "piece", so many mothers are ahead of the game. The eastern coast of a high school teacher Li Yun just children enrolled in school they teach focuses, in children, she described as full nanny – consult other colleagues, organize knowledge throughout high school kids, the research direction of the examination, content focus, representative exercises…… The children read high school, English achievement "in a complete mess". Under the guidance of Li Yun, the children to high school English is the top of the class. Li Yun quite proud, I have to play to my advantage, let the children avoid detours, save energy, save time, this bridge across the entrance." In an interview, the reporter found that fight mom game starting line before the pull. Even in the absence of knowledge of the child’s learning requirements of kindergarten, a cake, a greeting card, has become a test of the mother’s level". A 35 year old Anhui University Teacher Li Shu Ren said, the kindergarten every afternoon and dinner. The first day, she gave her daughter brought a banana, the children go home depressed, "she said, someone’s mother prepared a Fresh Fruit Platter, Winnie the cake." Ren Lishu specially to go to kindergarten "survey found that small children", the contents of the boxes than a fine". By the stimulus Li Shu began to purchase self baking oven. The test of a crop followed by a crop – kindergarten games, children’s day party…… The teacher’s high demand also contributed to "spell" ethos, such as teacher’s day, new year’s Day holiday, the teacher let the children make their own handmade greeting cards, not good enough, the teacher praised the child lost, Ren Shu had self DIY beads, small butterfly knot. Today, Li Shu Ren has become a class model mother – "my mother took me to do the manual is the best, she can play the piano, but also to bring me the best looking class lunch boxes!" An interview with reporters, the children face pride, and either side of Li Shu only smile, the child before the age of 3, my body is tired, she was 3 years old in kindergarten, I was exhausted, totally around your children, in accordance with the "ten all-around efforts’ transformation ‘own, and friends from the." Today’s topic: in the family, mother accompany more or dad? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift! The "core spell" should be educational philosophy competition mothers self deprecating, summed up a standard nowadays when the mother "got under the market, got on the classroom, doing the cake, tell it the story, teach him to speak with the Mathematical Olympiad, grammar, composition had changed, do a tabloid, understand jiayu,.相关的主题文章:

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